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Addyson Creek, September 2020


Liked Most

We love the layout of the house. The house has a solid feel to it.

Would Change

The exterior painting was very sloppy. Not just on my house but throughout the neighborhood. Our backyard has become a swamp. The water does not drain, even in consistently 90 degree weather. The water problem has created an extreme nat and mosquito problem, pus your feet sink down in water when you walk on it.I am hoping that we do not have moisture in the crawl space. We did mention the drainage problem to 3 people on the walkthrough but everyone blew us off. This is our biggest disappointment. We have put in a request to fix it, but due to circumstances and some delay on Hayden homes it has not been fixed yet-21/2 months. We are very concerned about the rainy season. Praying that Hayden will fix this problem soon. Our agent was very kind to us in the beginning of our sale process, after the house sold we felt like we were bothering her if we had a question, it was a bit odd.

Pillar Rock, September 2020


Liked Most

One level. Large entry hallway is fabulous. Lots of countertops and cabinets in kitchen.

Would Change

The interior painting was not good and required a lot of touching up. And the sheen seems different as you can see where every touch up was made. ALSO, due to COVID, the dishwasher initially installed was not the correct dishwasher as it did not match our other appliance handles. Upon moving our college daughters in to the home we also discovered that it did not work. We attempted to have it repaired but parts were going to take months to receive. My husband located a replacement dishwasher that was desirable (matching handle, stainless steel tub) and offered to pay the difference and even go pick it up. But because of slower communication and the effort to work through GE, we had to drive the 6 hours back to our primary home before a decision could be made. WEEKS later a replacement dishwasher was brought to the home. One of our daughters called us to say that the new dishwasher didn't appear to be working. She made a FaceTime call to my husband and they discovered that the water supply valve to the dishwasher was in the OFF position telling us that it had never been operated or leak-checked by the licensed plumber. We called Carl and he was able to go over to verify that the replacement dishwasher was not leaking. This process seemed to take more time than necessary, we were not able to purchase the preferred dishwasher at our own expense, and the new installation not completed. It felt like after we'd signed the closing paperwork we were not very important any longer.