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Graymoor, July 2021


Review of Overall Experience

only thing I would say is they need to do a better job prepping the yard for putting in a lawn, mine was a little bumpy and still a fair amount of construction garbage and rocks and sticks in the yard when prepping for a lawn.

Interra Homes Response

Thank you so much Gary for the great review and helpful feedback.

Northport, June 2021


Review of Overall Experience

The beginning process of our build last June with Chris was above and beyond what we expected. Chris was timely in all responses. Answered all calls and texts quickly or called back quickly. Chris was friendly, informative, and we trusted him. We believe he really was on our "team". Chris even sent us an email with many of the Design Studio options, so that we could look over them before heading to the studio. We liked going into the Design Studio meeting having an idea of what we liked and disliked. Audrey in the design studio was kind. However, with this being our first ever new build, I feel she did not share with us many of the options that we had. We didn't find out about many options that were available to us until it was way beyond changing things. For example: Gutters- we were never offered gutters. Door upgrade: we would have loved a window on our front door, but we had no idea that was even an option. We were given a sheet with doors and were asked to pick one of them. I could go on and on... I am not sure if we made her feel like we were in a rush or what. At our initial design meeting, we weren't told we could pick different colors for the siding and shaker shingles. It wasn't until our pre-con meeting that we luckily were able to tell Audrey that we wanted our shakers a different color than the siding. This is when she told us up of the option to paint the triangle areas at the peak of our house to match the shakers. She mentioned it would be an additional cost, but she really believed it looks better to do that, so we agreed. Later on when the painter came to our home to paint our pillars/door/etc, the triangles didn't get painted. We found out it wasn't added to our account. We were upset because we wouldn't have even known about this if she wouldn't have brought it up to us. Luckily the painter agreed to do it on his own time. I am not saying our experience in the design studio wasn't good, but we later found out many many things that we weren't asked or shown. Our pre-con meeting was a joke. Thank gosh Chris was there to lead the discussion. Kyle had little to no words to say. Chris pretty much ran the meeting. Kyle told us yes for so many things that we wanted before he even looked into whether it could be done or not. Kyle promised bi-weekly email updates on our build as well. He never gave us any kind of timeline or any estimated dig date. Chris mentioned if our dig date was in August, our home *should be* done end of January/beginning of February. Chris is a real estate agent though. He is not the builder and unfortunately his estimate was not accurate. We do not hold him accountable for his estimate at all. We were very excited about finding out our dig date. We wanted to know. We let Chris and Kyle know we wanted to know when they were digging our basement. Well, we were never told a dig date, so when we drove by in the end of August, our basement was dug. Don't get me wrong, we were happy that it was done already, we were just bummed we never heard from Kyle...Never hearing from Kyle turned into a trend. We texted Chris and he was also happy for us, but he also didn't hear of a dig date otherwise he would have told us. Things went pretty quickly after the basement was dug, which we were excited about. Foundation, and framing all happened quickly through September and October and after that things started slowing down or halting all together. Our house sat for weeks and weeks and weeks at the framing timeline. We still weren't hearing from Kyle. I was asking questions and he wasn't replying. Or he was avoiding important questions. We had to reach out to Chris so many times. We felt bad having to reach out to him so much. Thank goodness for Chris though. He helped keep us sane. All throughout December there was absolutely no contact from Kyle. Things were at a complete stop at our house for a long time. We then found out that Kyle would be leaving, and a new super would take over in January. At one point we finally heard back from Kyle that he was in the neighborhood and at our home and I had to leave a work Zoom in the middle of it to speed there just so I could speak with him directly since he ignored all other contact. Our stairs had not been built like the drawings we signed off on, the outlets in the master bedroom were not in the places we specifically asked him to have them, etc. The stairs were an easy fix, but unfortunately there wasn't much the new super could do with the outlets other than just adding another one. Thank GOSH Kyle was gone, and we had a new super. Things started taking off after literally 3-4 weeks of nothing happening and our house sitting there being framed that whole time. Nick answered all of our questions, he answered our calls and texts right away, and he sent bi-weekly email updates to us. Communication is all we ever asked for with Kyle and it never happened. If it wasn't for Nick, I am not sure we would have wanted to go forward with moving into our home. We felt so beat down, exhausted, and frustrated when Nick took over. He knew we felt that way as well. Nick was finally able to give us an estimated closing date and we appreciated that. It finally gave us something to look forward to. In this whole process Chris cared and Nick cared, and we will be grateful for that. However, when looking at the whole process, we cannot recommend Interra Homes to friends and family. Kyle represented your name and he represented it poorly. He left a bad taste in our mouth that we will never forget. Building a home should be a fun and exciting experience and he ruined it for us. We are also bummed about our design studio experience, but it wasn't nearly as bad as our experience with Kyle. We really wish our experience was just with Nick, but unfortunately, we aren't that lucky. Since closing we have had many issues addressed and Elle with warranty has been an angel. She is a real gem and Interra is lucky to have her.

Interra Homes Response

Thank you Josh for all the feedback, this is very useful. We appreciate you taking the time to fill out our surveys.