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Sage Creek, October 2018


Liked Most

Rene Giroux was extremely helpful and great to work with.

Would Change

Design center time frame is impossible to make important decisions and charging a customer for any time over 2 hours is absolutely unacceptable. House was not even close to complete when possesion was given and was extremely frustrating to have to make appointments with sub contractors. Site supervisor is a terrible communicator and the house is still not completed We should not have been given possession of a very incomplete home. Drywall finishing was terrible and they need to find a new dry wall sub contractor. Incorrect items were installed and I the home owner was left to notice and request replacement. In some cases the upgraded items we paid for were not provided initially. Upgrade system is confusing and cumbersome for the purchaser. Kensington Homes is developing a terrible reputation based on the final product being lower quality than expected. The site supervisor or whoever is in charge of ensuring the quality and completion of the home needs to dramatically improve.

Ridgewood West, October 2018


Liked Most

It started well but went downhill quickly we like our home but the issues we had and still have really soured the whole experience

Would Change

The level of attention to detail was poor. The overall experience was very poor mainly with the head office involvement problems with the home things not as purchased. Issues not resolved prior to closing even up to eight minutes to closing deadline we were not informed of key handover. No list of defiencies provided. Too many concerns to list here. The whole experience was extremely stressful and became worse the closer we got to closing. Just taking our experience and using it as a way not to sell a home take lessons learned and improve the overall home buying process. We have been in the home close to 7weeks and some items have still not been concluded. We have asked with no reply. Winter is almost here and things will not be able to be concluded due to poor weather. It has been the most frustrating process I have ever been through in my life