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Maple Park, February 2019


Liked Most

Probably the appliances

Would Change

I would change how much we believed and trusted Nicole/korndoefer when we bought the lot. We were told we could have our fence no problem. The number one reason we moved was to be able to fence our yard and now we are being told different rules we were never told in the beginning. I would like to change how many issues we have had with our brand new house too. You pay so much to build brand new so you think you are walking into the perfect brand new house and it's been not perfect at all since we moved in.

Korndoerfer Homes Response

Thank for your feedback and taking time to complete the survey. All of the open repair items for the home have been addressed and we hope that you are now enjoying your new home. In regards to the fencing we will reach out to you again to discuss the design and approval.

Christman Park, January 2019


Liked Most

The final product of the home is without exception, a beautifully built and well constructed home. The services provided by the expediter, Gene, were above and beyond what would be expected in his role.

Would Change

I do not think that the sales person should also be responsible for putting together all of the options/changes/quotes that go with building the home. To me, those are two different skill sets and results in unnecessary confusion. Our salesman was wonderful and personable and without his help would probably have moved on to another builder after losing the first option we bid on. He came back to us with another lot and recommendation which was great!! However, when it got into all of the detail needed to put together the final product, the back and forth that needed to occur between him and those that could answer questions resulted in alot of wasted time and as mentioned earlier, confusion. So, if it were up to me to change something about the operations at Korndoefer (and, I am a VP of Operations by profession), I would have someone who handles all of the options on the home work directly with the buyer, and let the salesman just do his thing by selling the home.