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Village Green Heights, August 2018


Liked Most

Unfortunately, all of the above outweigh any good that I may have been able to see from this process.

Would Change

Unfortunately, I wish we'd done more research before choosing Korndoefer Homes to build what we thought was our "forever home." Going in to this process, everyone we worked with knew that we'd never built a home and therefore, we did not know all of the little nuisances and additional questions to ask. For example, our elderly grandmother resides with us, we got her a custom shower with a bench but, didn't realize that a shelf or a place to put her soap wouldn't be included in that. We also didn't realize that shower doors weren't included until the day of selections. Sadly, the process only got worse from there; we ended up with at minimum 4 superintendents on our project. We were told that we would receive weekly updates, that was not consistent. Prior to our walk-through, we went through the home and the obvious carelessness of the contractors were evident. There were too many to count, visible to the eye, nicks & dings to our cabinets and banister. Even noticeable markings on the windows which are still there. We thought we'd addressed these issues during the walk-through, and after they were supposed to be addressed, the day the house was turned over to us, there were still areas that were not remedied. We were told at that time, they would be taken care of, we even marked places with painter's tape, there is still tape in at least one of those places and the issue remains. We follow the instructions we were given regarding our appliances, we were told to run the oven for a period of time, dump a certain amount of ice and gallons of water. We finally get into our home, go to use the range and it doesn't work; at this point, with the culmination of everything listed above, I'm beyond frustrated. I reach out to the owner via email, he's out of the office (he's yet to follow-up); I follow the prompts to speak with someone regarding the range. I leave a message for the warranty department, the last assigned superintendent contacts me to see if she could "troubleshoot" the issue. I meet her at the house and it turns out, the gas line was never turned on. We double check the range, and one of them is still faulty. The lady from the warranty department contacts me, says she's reached out to her contacts and is waiting to hear back, she asked that I follow up with her if I hadn't been contacted by someone. I thought this was odd, that I needed to follow-up with her but, figured it was just another thing to add to the list of things with this company. I ended up having to call the warranty lady back because no one had reached out to me. Finally, someone from the company that the builder contracts with for appliances called, sent a repair man out on Monday(8-13-18; my initial contact about this issue happened first thing in the morning, on 8-6-18). We were told that the range did in fact need to be repaired (not replaced; despite it never being used) and that we would hear back in a couple of days. While we were waiting on the range to be addressed, we noticed that our refrigerator is also not functioning properly. I sent an email to the lady in the warranty department (still no response), called her on 2 separate occasions (still no response) as well as sending an email and leaving a voicemail for the owner(still no response). Finally, I ended up having to call the company that delivered our appliances directly (8-16-18) because I'd still not heard anything back about our range as no one followed-up. I was informed that they couldn't find the parts anywhere, so, they had to order directly from the manufacturer which takes at minimum 5-7 business days. When I shared with them about the refrigerator, the man I spoke with agreed that something was not right, but, they aren't able to get out to look at the refrigerator until at least, (8-21-18) because they are down technicians. The issue with the refrigerator side is, it's only keeping things "cool." There's frost building up on the freezer side. I shared the same information to the Korndoerfer warrantay lady and owner (well over 24 hours of me writing this review). I'm appalled at the lack of care or concern shown by both Korndoerfer along with their contractors. Specifically regarding our appliances, I have a toddler and an elderly grandmother who reside in our home, purchasing take out because we can't fully use our range and because our purchased groceries aren't being kept at the proper temperature is an expense that we shouldn't have to endure and frankly didn't account for. These are all issues that should've been remedied prior to us receiving our keys, but now, we are inconvenienced and out of more money despite the substantial amount of money we've already invested in building our home. We expected brand new, fully functional appliances (this is not what we got). Very disappointing.

Korndoerfer Homes Response

Korndoerfer Homes continually strives to make home building a satisfied experience. We apologize that you are dissatisfied with your new home. In the past several weeks we have been working with our vendors to address the open items including the appliance repair/replacement. We stand behind our products and have since worked to get your new appliances delivered to your home which we hope will now allow you to enjoy your new home.

Woodleaf Reserve, August 2018


Liked Most

Tony was great to work with. Craig was very straight forward about the front end process. Alison made the selections process very easy.

Would Change

I think overall the people were great to work with. There are a few outstanding quality issues that are being fixed under warranty service tickets but overall very good process.

Korndoerfer Homes Response

Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey. Your honest feedback is important to us and we take great pride in offering our customer a great experience.