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Bristol Bay Estates, December 2019


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SS - Racine County, November 2019


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We love our home! The layout is great and the open concept is exactly what we wanted. Our beams in our living room and sunroom were exactly what we wanted! The whole process leading up to closing was extremely smooth and we felt very informed and confident in our selections.

Would Change

If we could change anything it would have been to better understand the grading of the lot and have our basement exposure explained to us. If we had known how much exposure we had we would have completely changed our basement arrangement and would have saved us 4 weeks of build time and would not have put us in a really tough situation with our move in date. Our basement design could have been much more architecturally attractive had that been a known factor. I don't think our basement turned out to be what we would have envisioned knowing we were able to do a walkout as well as window placement. We had exact items we planned to add on after closing but it proved to be extremely difficult and frustrating at times to get those items added back into the plans after closing on the construction loan and we ended up not adding them back in and had a carpenter come in after and build them for us instead due to the struggle. Keep in mind these item were standard plan items we were adding back in (like the boot bench IN the current model). Many builders do not require every item to be decided on prior to closing. I don't disagree with the way Korndoerfer wants all items chosen in advance and I appreciate how smooth the build went with knowing everything in advance, but in our situation knowing these key items were being added back in (like beams, boot bench) there was a major disconnect with our plans, the actual paper plans and that getting relayed to Darrel. He only knows whats on the plans and even though we had money set aside for the beams and were working on the wood and finish his plans did not reflect the beams and the lighting was initially installed not centered in the beam placement accurately. I think Korndoerfer needs to work on how they handle change orders after the closing because they will happen and things will come up in a build that the buyer will want to change and being able to react quickly and have all people involved to be informed is important. Our house plans just did not reflect all the items that were intended to be added so Darrel had no clue even though we had many conversations about these items with Nicole and Devin prior to closing.