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Timberstone Park, March 2019


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Timber Ridge, February 2019


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We are very happy with our new home. The extra space, storage and bonus room are great features. We also love the interior designing of the house (our light fixtures, kitchen colours, floor colours etc). It doesn't feel like there is any wasted or awkward space anywhere in the home.

Would Change

Overall, we are very satisfied with our home, the project managers service and the post purchase (warranty) service. However, I do have a small grievance that bothered me with regards to the purchase. During our pre-purchase walk through, I noted the front porch appeared to need a rail as it looked like quite a drop off the side. I looked into this a little and the building code states any drop higher than two feet needs a rail. I measured the drop to the ground and it was 2ft 3inches. I brought this to our project managers attention as it was something that was important to me with young children; and I asked that a rail be installed. I was told that during their own inspection, the drop wasn't flagged, so therefore, Laebon wasn't required to fix it. I asked the project manager to pass my request up the chain to the next manager - he did so and again I was told Laebon refused to install a rail there. Laebon offered to do the work, however, it would cost me $250. I wasn't satisfied with this response, as the house I was buying wasn't to code and it looked to be a safety issue (it isn't my concern as the purchaser whether the ground settled or this was missed during an inspection, I still expected the house to be to code when i purchased it). I expressed I was very dissatisfied and Laebon still refused to install the rail. Basically, the bottom line is; my complete satisfaction/bringing the house to code wasn't worth $200 to Laebon on a $500,000 purchase - even if this means the house is not to code. This was shocking as the rest of the service before and after that seems great. Eventually, a month or two later I told my realtor about this. My realtor also thought this was unacceptable and contacted Laebon to have the rail installed on my behalf. I later found out the realtor had to pay out of his own pocket to have the railing installed. With all this in mind, we are still happy with our purchase and would recommend Laebon to a friend, however, just remember they are a business and they chose the $200.00 over the customer satisfaction/bringing the house to code.