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The Promenade, November 2023


Review of Overall Experience

Upon signing of the contract of a spec ready home, I was told my possession date would be Aug 31 and my walk thru would be 6 days prior to possession (this was due to the original walk thru date not working for me). Despite giving Landmark alternate dates for walk thru and possession, Landmark chose to keep my possession date and made me lose one day of the 7 days given for the builder to complete things pointed out during the walk thru. I did inform Landmark that I would be out of the country for two months starting Sept for vacation. Near the end of July, I received an email from the Interior Design department saying my original flooring was on back order and to sign off on the new choice selected. I was given exactly one day and had to respond within office hours. I wasn’t allowed to make an appt or come into the design studio to look at alternate selections. I was merely told if I wanted a similar color choice, I would have to spend $800 extra to upgrade to vinyl plank. I had to give the ok in order for the builder to order the flooring in time for the possession date. I felt very pressured during this and obviously not wanting to delay things, I gave the ok. The day of the walk thru. My parents and I went and pointed out things that needed to be addressed as per the process. Now comes the day of the walk thru. Instead of delaying the possession date to complete the items needed, I got possession of a home that had a broken window, incomplete backsplash in the master bathroom, unwashed garage floor and balcony, improperly cleaned home, a garage door that needed to be fixed, a rushed job of the drywall patch over a large hole, large threads of carpet sticking out, multiple areas needing to be repainted, indentations on the corners of the walls. And these are just what I remember off the top of my head. After possession, I was told to wait and sit for phone calls from various trades to address the remaining issues. Almost a week goes by without hearing from anyone. I emailed pictures and complaints to Landmark, I made it known again that I was to be out of the country in approx less than 2 weeks and needed things to be addressed or at least make appts so that I can make arrangements for someone else to be at the house. While I appreciated the quick response from the construction and sales department about my complaint, I was still upset that I was left sorting out these issues that should have been completed by possession. By the time everything was addressed, it was Sept 22 - 3 weeks after possession! When I asked Landmark if I could have some sort of compensation, not necessarily monetary, for the inconvenience that I had been given, I was told compensation was only applicable to those who were unable to move into their home by possession date due to builder mistakes. The issues I had with my home did not actually prevent me from living/moving in. I had purchased a Landmark apartment years ago and did not have as unpleasant experience as I did this time. I am unsure if I could genuinely recommend Landmark to others after this experience.

Ekos Point, November 2023


Review of Overall Experience

This is my second landmark purchase. Before this house I would have not hesitated to check yes to recommend landmark. We are happy with our home but it was a very challenging process in the sales stage and we were very disheartened and unhappy. Landmark builds a great cookie cutter house but needs work for the ‘luxury’ market.