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SummerSide West, July 2017


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I like the model of our home and the floor plan.

Would Change

My husband and I are writing to you in regards to the mounting issues we had before and after acquiring our home. Our first experience started last March when we selected Lot #365 with the $25000 design bonus + AC + 40% at the design centre at Monahan Landing and we found out over a week after signing the purchase agreement that the Wildflower middle could not be built to due to the grading. The most disappointing and worse part of that experience was not even getting hearing the bad new it was the terrible customer service we receive from the sales representative Amanda. We explained that we have been house shopping for sometime and we needed the to ensure the closing date as our rent would go up if we did not renew and we needed the closing date to line up. Rather than sulking and dismissing Mattamy Homes entirely due to one negative experience from one sales representative we got proactive and contacted upper management about what occurred and we were told that our original offer would be honoured and consider other communities like Barrhaven. Unfortunately, and yet again we were told again the model we wanted on could be build on the lot we selected verbally but on the contrary it couldn’t. We then looked at other builders as now we has to errors that occurred with Mattamy but upper management again promised to homour our deal so we decided to then give Mattamy one more chance and went with the Orleans community where we were told that the Wildflower could be built on lot #68 but again unfortunately that we incorrect then we went with Wintergreen. The only thing that was honoured from the original offer from Lot # 365 was the AC. We were happy with the selection of the house but we still felt deceived and misled. Sadly, we could not even go with the other either of the two builders we considered as the lots we wanted were sold. We are not facing even bigger issues since taking possession like no one contacting us for our 24 hour list were damages occurred after our PDI and the 30 day list we submitted. I called, emailed, and went to the warranty office multiple times and nothing got addressed. Our AC was never hooked up to the house and couple wires we missing according to the technician we called to come fix it. I have a cardiac and blood disorder, and I am so sensitive to high to temperatures where I get severe nose bleeds and as a result of the AC not being properly hooked up I missed work and went to the doctor’s couple times. I was not only bedridden, constantly in a tub of ice to cool down, I also suffered heat stroke, and felt violently ill. Another issue we had was the ducts not being cleaned properly and the wood chips flying out of the vents and finding nails in the vents. We eventually got the number for the duct cleaning company and called them to clean them, the same went for the front door, which did not close properly and light could be seen in between the cracks. Sadly, our problems did not end then just a couple weeks after moving into our home on May 19th three windows broke and in the middle of the night. The sound of the windows breaking sounded like an explosion. We did not know the windows broke until we saw our cat Fluffy the flooding day near the window and pick up something shiny and my husband chased him and chased he to find broken glass. Luckily, my husband got the glass out of Fluffy’s mouth before he got hurt. In addition, we also did not get the shelf for the mudroom, the full height mirror we selected for the main bathroom, nor did we the vanity sink raised to 36’ which was of utter importance since my husband and I are tall and he had a surgery two years again and since then he had scar tissue buildup as a result he has difficulty bending down. There was also an error installing the foyer tiles as it was suppose to end where the stairs began and the rest was suppose to be laminate to flow with the rest of the house on the first floor but that did not occur. We were also pressured to sign the PDI defect list of the damaged laminate in the dishwasher space that was never fixed as we were told that no one would ever notice it since the dishwasher would hide it. All the the errors and issues were brought up to warranty, and our customer care coordinator and the technician who came to our home they told us either everything we correct according to the sketch or we never got an answer. One of the worst issues we faced because of Mattamy was the issue of not receiving a tax credit. We paid the $1100 property tax at closing along with the other closing costs but we received a bill of $670 from The City of Ottawa with no history of the $1100 paid on closing. We contacted the City to try and explain but they stated to contact Mattamy and we contacted warranty with no avail then we contacted our lawyer who also got stonewalled. We did not have the $670 to pay the tax bill since paying the closing costs along with the other costs of moving, new furniture, etc. My husband and I work very hard for everything we have in our lives and to support our families here and abroad but because of this unexpected error on the part of Mattamy we were forced to borrow the money from my mother to pay the tax bill and avoid hurting our credit. In addition, our lawyer was told on Friday July 7th that apparently tax readjustments were to be handled internally and that we needed to contact Mattamy to get that sorted out which we did but we got redirected earlier on in May by warranty to contact our lawyers office. The misinformation, lack of knowledge, care, and customer service not only had us frustrated, upset, and worried it also got us stressed about what other possible issues we may face with the one’s already mounting. In all honesty, we gave Mattamy the benefit of the doubt even after we got misled, and mistreated in the beginning and only having one promise honoured in order to acquire lot #68, this has become an unacceptable situation where we can no longer stand by idly to continue to be taken advantage of and dismissed. I am already suffering medical ailments but after all that has occurred my anxiety levels have risen due to all that has occurred and so has my husband’s including numerous sleepless nights worrying. Our patience has finally worn out, we have given Mattamy so many opportunities to rectify things but enough is enough there needs to be accountability and a proper remedy for all that has occurred including the medical and mental anguish we suffered as this not a way to treat customers or people in general. I have an insight as to contracts as I used to work with telecommunications contracts for over five years as such I am very familiar with terms and conditions but when it comes to construction and builder’s agreements I am at a loop, which is why my brother in-law stepped in to provide advice during his recent visit. I guess to clarify things Mattamy had a responsibility to carry out work within a timeline which they did not, failed to establish communication when provided notice, and carried out defective work, and failed to deliver services, good, and was late with the services and goods without a reasonable excuse. Mattamy also caused an error with our taxes by not having a credit applied with the city as we already paid the $1100 at closing, which I already explained to you over the phone that we are still trying to sort out. Mattamy also promised to honor the agreement from lot #365 but did not and they also did not honor the 40% discount at the design centre. I left an hour early on Tuesday to accommodate the 4:45pm to get the measurement for the 3 broken windows and to no surprise the technician that was suppose to measure the window did not arrive. Sadly, this not the first time someone do not come to a scheduled appointment and not only that I wasted my vacation days to accommodate these appointments. It is disrespectful and unprofessional to not show up to an appointment and it is events like these that aggravate homeowners especially when most appointments are not of our choosing. Again, we have already been going through countless negative experiences with Mattamy and this is just another one added to the pile. Please do ask us to be at another appointment unless you can guarantee someone will show up as I had to leave work early. We understand that you are busy but as a customer we paid for a product and service and yet again Mattamy has failed to uphold its end of the terms and agreements. Please understand our position and put yourself in our position and that of every customer who had the similar experience. The events that we experienced are unacceptable. Mattamy needs to be accountability for their staff and Mattamy needs to either provide services or compensate us for all that we have endured as result of the negligence, misinformation, deception, and now breach of contract. We are not trying to be unreasonable nor do we want to give you a hard time, we would like to find a just and fair solution given that our experience was anything shy of just and fair.

Downsview Homes Inc - P2, July 2017


Liked Most

the location

Would Change

countless amounts of finishes were very poor.. asked for compensation in very MINIMAL work to our kitchen island ONLY and was denied.. we had no countertop for 6 weeks after closing today actually was the day they put in the countertop but while installing it damages were made in the home that will be mentioned to [warranty company].. we bought a 1.5M home and to be honest it doesn't feel like one but because of location and this current market it seems to be of worth however in a resale perspective it will be difficult to down the road when my family retires because the way the designers advised us we were not guided correctly.. if i could do one thing in terms of going back in time with this home is that i wish we had a better and more knowledgeable designer.. they told us we would have a box above our kitchen cabinets however no box is there WHICH IS GOOD but we were willing to pay for an upgraded kitchen with additional cabinets to the ceiling with a drop down fan and everything.. however due to a designer who did not know what was happening in our home we were left with making cheaper upgrades that dont look presentable in a prestigious home and neighborhood like this.. if any one from mattamy would like to reach out and help make this better you can call me or email me at but i doubt you guys will because the customer care manager didnt compensate us with work and neither did anthony the assistant builder. for you guys being a number 1 private builder in north america im surprised you guys wouldn't be able to offer any small work compensation seeing it would cost you guys pennies to do so.. but this is the reason why i have advised other family and friends that i know who have bought pre dev mattamy homes to watch out for the things my home got screwed over on and why i do not recommend anyone to purchase a home from you guys im sorry i expected A LOT better.. we bought a new home before this from castle rock and their services and finishes were amazing and upgrades did not cost an arm and leg either even though we were WILLING to upgrade but got advised not to..