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Enclave at Legacy Lakes, September 2022


Review of Overall Experience

Communication of McKee Homes community building process could have been better. I did not realize that six spec or presale homes would be built with delays in my homes construction. My home was first contracted, yet houses with no contract were placed ahead of my home for completion. These homes were purchased after construction was begun. And all but one closed prior to my home. Was originally told 6 months to completion, but because supply delays to expect a May closing time. Communications initiated by McKee the last 3 months were few and far between. Any updates were due to my inquiries.

Enclave at Legacy Lakes, August 2022


Review of Overall Experience

From the beginning communication has been difficult. If you send a text or leave a voicemail 4/5 times you'll never get a response. Sometimes the response is delayed by a week. Many of the concerns and issues I discovered with my home never got addressed and actually delayed the closing of my home. The craftsmanship has been sloppy. Gaps never filled in, running paint, paint left on showers and never cleaned away, holes left underneath cabinet, large gaps where there should be grout or caulk. The most frustrating thing was our home was stuck in the framed out state with no dry wall for 2 months. One would think a thorough inspection would be made and the framing would be top notch. Well, we've been in our home a month in there is a large dip in the floor in one of the upstairs bedroom and it is a major framing issue. Mckee is currently determing how to fix. it. Also, a month after closing we still have punch list items that were supposed to be completed before closing. I agreed that they could be completed one week after closing while I was at home from work. A month later they are still not done. We went through two general contractors I want to say our second general contractor is much better than the first. he is really trying.