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Park at Creekside, March 2020


Liked Most

The overall design geared towards being energy efficient. Knowing that Meritage comes with much more experience in the home building process made us more comfortable working with Meritage. The design and fixtures as well as other features of the home are fantastic - well chosen from an anesthetic standpoint and easy to clean.

Would Change

Working with the Meritage Team: At the beginning of our home-buying journey with Meritage, we initially worked with Jatori Whitby. She answered all of our initial questions well and in a timely fashion. However, when she on maternity leave, this completely fell apart. The transition to working with Dennis, the next sales manager, was bumpy. We felt that he was not invested in providing support for this sale as it was initiated by someone else. We did not receive consistent communication from Dennis and often had to reach out many times before getting a response. The transition to working with Daniel, the construction manager, came next. We met with Daniel several times prior to closing, and felt like he was working with us. It was later we discovered that many of the items we discussed with Daniel during our walkthroughs and visits were not being completed in at timely or quality-fashion. Darius, who took over for Daniel, communicated that it was his highest priority to support us in completing our home-buying process. Initially, we received great communication and consistent attention from Darius in regards to completing the punchlist for our home. As time went on, this was not the case. Many of items were taken care of immediately, such as fixing the landing on the staircase, painting, etc. However, as time went on, the team continuously rescheduled or did not even show up when it was scheduled. This pushed the project back many months. The finishes on the staircase were not completed until February. Additional Comments: First, there was a lack of communication throughout the process. There was a lack of consistent communication. Much of this stemmed from the fact we did not have one consistent contact throughout the process. This made the process much more challenging as we are ourselves were driving the process. We essentially had to coordinate everything with different teams within Meritage. This proved challenging as we do not know Meritage’s process and policies. At times, it felt like even certain individuals at Meritage did not know the process and policies. This made us question the commitment of Meritage in the home-buying process. Second, there was incorrect communication throughout the process. Prior to closing, we met with Meritage construction management to identify remaining punchlist items to include in the closing of the home to ensure these items were completed. We were asked to not include all line items directly by the construction management team in the closing punch list and that these would taken care of separately. We were also pushed to close on the home by the Meritage Team even though there were pending items to receive the same home-buying offer. Additionally, the Meritage team, misplaced the first Ernest Money check we provided. We had to go to our bank and pay to have this check cancelled via a stop payment which also cost us a personal fee to do so. During closing, it was discovered we should have absolutely included all of those items, no matter how big or small. At the time of closing, we added these items as well as a timeline for completion with the help of the Meritage closing team and VP here in Atlanta. Post-closing, it took 5 months to complete most of these items. There are still items that still have not been completed. These are all items that need to be addressed - consistent and correct communication as well as appropriate attention to potential home buyers.

Oakleigh Manor, March 2020


Liked Most

We love our plan. Our experience with the builder has been very pleasant as well. It is evident that he wants this to be our forever home.

Would Change

We really liked the community but almost walked away based on our experience with the sales agent. Glad we decided to select the home we wanted knowing that our experience with the agent would be limited. It got better but was very disappointing for her to tell us things that were impossible.