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The Meridians, September 2019


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Villages at Kellswater B., September 2019


Liked Most

1. We really liked our builder for the most part. There were times that we didn't see eye to eye on everything and thats okay because in the end he held up to what he said he was going to do. 2. We like our floorpan. 3. Energy efficiency -- just wish things would have been explained a little bit more.

Would Change

1. When we initially picked our lot out it was a completely flat lot. After the building process we sit up higher than any of the other lots and have a fairly steep driveway, so much so we have to use a parking brake to feel comfortable leaving our vehicles parked. Also the side of our home (out the side garage entry door) is a steep slope. I do not feel comfortable using that as an entry point. If we would have known this was going to happen we would have picked a different lot site. 2. No one warned us that by picking a gas range with a vent hood that the noise from the exhaust vented outside would be so LOUD!! A little wind or a huge thunderstorm, our home sounds like someone is beating down the walls. Its extremely loud and annoying. 3. The bathroom exhausts are noisy. They sound like there is dripping water constantly. We keep being told this is "normal" but there is no way because in the previous homes we have lived in this was never an issue. 4. I wish the quality of the work would have been better. Now living in the home for a month we see the "quality" is just not there. We are disappointed in the painting, the drywall that we see tons of seams in, the dead landscaping that was dead before we even moved in. I feel like for the money we spent, we just expected a little more. 5. We had a terrible experience with our sales associate, Craig. At the beginning he was so friendly and super responsive on everything we had questions on. Then when we came to a disagreement on what we thought we were getting on our home he became super defensive, argumentative, and just rude! He sent us over an hour away to look at a home that we thought was going to look just like ours. Come to find out it wasn't - due to an "oops" by that construction manager. Instead of owning up to the mistake and apologizing he kept dragging us on and ignoring our concerns. We spoke with his boss, Jimmy, who again was great to begin with. After the first conversation, never heard from him again. Wouldn't return my phone calls or emails and wanted to deal only with my realtor, who really didn't have a lot to do with our building process anyways. We just were overall disappointed with the so called customer service that Meritage Homes wants everyone to think is so great. It starts out great, but doesn't follow thru. 6. A month into living here and our light switch that should be used to turn on/off the fan in the living room, is now turning off our TV. We are too hesitant to reach out to anyone to have it fixed because we have a gut feeling that nothing will be done about it.