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Redcroft, April 2021


Review of Overall Experience

Happy with home overall

Redcroft, April 2021


Review of Overall Experience

This is our 2nd Meritage home. The first experience was a truly wonderful one! Everything was great and anything that wasn’t was promptly fixed! This home has been a nightmare! I will no longer recommend Meritage to friends after this experience. To start from the first signs of trouble that I can remember, during a pre dry wall walk with the construction manager Fred, I noticed spray paint on the floor in the basement that read “pack hangers”. I asked what this meant and he explained to me the importance of packing the hangers and said it still needed to be done. Faster forward to the day before drywall is being hung and I notice the hangers still aren’t packed. Fred tells me the inspector must have missed that because we passed inspection but that I shouldn’t worry because it’s not that important anyway. At this point, I trust Fred so I take his word for it but I now believe that was a horrible mistake. Come to closing day and there is still lots of work to be done (including a TERRIBLE paint job) but Fred promises everything will get done and not to worry. Again, I’m too trusting. We close and still have workers coming and going for a few days. Then we have movers move us in and we are cooking our first dinner in the house about 5 days after closing. We are also doing our first load on laundry when the sink starts to gurgle and smell awful. Turns out our whole plumbing system backed up because of incorrect plumbing that should have been caught before the final inspection. We then went two weeks without a master bath and I had to miss many days of work to be here for all the different works to come fix everything. Not Fred’s fault but they constantly missed their appointments to fix things so I was here missing work for nothing. We had some personal property that was ruin in the flood in the basement totally about $300 that we have reminded Fred about many times and he keeps saying it’s coming but we don’t have anything yet. Also, from the beginning and throughout the whole building process Fred kept telling us he was going to get us a few ceiling fans as a “welcome home” gift. I thought that was great and my whole family can’t sleep without a fan so that would have been very convenient. Those were already on my husbands to do list as soon as we closed. We still don’t have the fans that were promised to us. Fans are not expensive and we know how to install them so that isn’t the issue. The issue is that he kept telling us not to get them and now over a month later we don’t have them. The overall quality of this house compared to my first Meritage house is awful. Nothing has been done to compensate us for any of the things that have gone wrong, we had our one month walk through and only half the trades showed up and the day we took off of work to be here for them. Again. As of now, Fred completely ignores my text messages. I feel that compared to some of the stories we have heard about other buyers we were really easy to work with and let a lot of things go that we shouldn’t have. Given the two items that we know that passed inspections and shouldn’t we fear to for the longevity and safety of this house.