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Harlach Farms - 45 - LN, July 2021


Review of Overall Experience

It has been a straight forward process.

Sienna - 55, July 2021


Review of Overall Experience

We had a horrible experience with the sales associate Michale. Zero attention and communication on his part. It seemed like we were just another sales to him since I had to constantly be reaching out and reminding him what house we had purchased. When we signed and came for the review with the project manager (Tyler) we were assured that our house would be ready by January but in December when I heard nothing from Meritage I reached out to [Michale] to ask about the progress since we were out of state. When I did reach out he tells me that we should have already been informed that our house was delayed until April, I understand the excuse of the covid building delays, but it was never communicated and we had already sold our home and were ready to move. Complaining about him got us no where since the VP of sales did nothing but back him up. At the end we didn't close until end of May and the house was delivered with a lot of unfinished details. Even though we had three different construction managers I appreciate Malachi and Mikes attention and compassion towards the delays. It seems like there are still delays with just trying to finish out things we brought up in the walkthrough. There is blue tape all around the house, areas that have not been painted, stains on the floors and carpet poor craftsmanship done on the texture and cabinets. Mike has scheduled several of these repairs and I don't blame him but it takes a long time just for some one to come out. Over all I am not satisfied with the quality of the work that was delivered. We were told that [Michale] would continue to be our point of contact but he has since ignored my email, Mike on the other hand has replied and kept in contact. Mike has shown better customer service than [Michale] ever did but we still have a lot fo pending items that have not been fixed. Meritage keeps building homes but cannot provide the workers needed to complete pending items in a home.