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Providence Reserve, August 2020


Liked Most

One of the greatest parts about the whole Meritage experience was the amazing service and knowledge we received from Robyn or contact RE agent in the providence reserve. She was the absolute best we have ever dealt with. Always willing to go the extra mile to help. Also Jason with the Meritage Home mortgage, he was always available and the communication was a 10+ . Sam with the onsite construction always was helpful and informed when we needed referrals for anything.

Would Change

Nothing absolutely impressed with everyone

Lake Hanna, August 2020


Liked Most

insulation, energy efficiency. I like the idea of a wireless access point - if your provider would include a basic sheet of instructions on how to set it up. Calling them is pointless since the person who answers the phone doesn't have a clue.

Would Change

The quality of the basics included with the home needs to be much better for the price point! @ 800K+, quality flushing toilets would be good. Comfort height toilets would be even better. Good quality carpet that's better than apartment grade would be good. And how about an an attic ladder! No information was provided to setup the Wireless Access point that I paid god knows how many thousands of $$ for. Longer hose in the kitchen faucet would be nice . It's not even long enough for the sink! For the price point, the value is just not there. I'm not paying for an entry level 300K home. These homes are 800K-900K+, even 1M homes, and we get ... 15" toilets that are short AND don't flush. No attic ladder, go out and drag the ladder upstairs to change the filter. Thin carpet with even thinner padding that's such poor quality kids can't go barefoot without getting hurt. Come on, these are not cheap apartments, although you could be mistaken based on the above. And the well water stinks. What about offering a water filtration system? At least as a separately priced option if you don't want to cut into your profits to include it in the house! And lastly, it's bad business practice and frankly close to unethical to not provide pricing and a design consult BEFORE customer signs the contract. By the time the design consult is done, the price of the house almost doubles, and that is deceptive marketing. This isn't a $10 sub where you charge extra for double meat and extra for avocado. We're talking about people's lives here. At least come up with something like this: if you order a base level of options, it will cost you 100K, if you order the middle level it will cost you $250, pool is another 100. That way people will be making an informed decision, instead of getting conned into buying something that isn't worth the price.