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Spencer Cove 20s THs LN, May 2023


Review of Overall Experience

Seems the corporate only cares about profits and not about quality of their homes or their buyers satisfaction. No pride in work done. Very disappointed. If not for the next excellent lender's team, we would have walked away.

Lantana Grove 60s LN, May 2023


Review of Overall Experience

I love my home, I had a few discrepancies but Zach and Jim are wonderful and took care of their part. I would like to give a few insights on my experience. The closet beneath the stairs need an outlet to fully utilize the space. Consumers should have the option of having an outlet in the floor for electrical furnishings. Kindly consider asking the buyer for a more collaborative approach. I would definitely consider upgrading certain features as in closet fixtures, appliances and landscaping in and around my home to make it more user friendly. It’s possible to attract a different buyer if it’s a more collaborative effort. I do love my cabinets and security system they are a great look and assessment to have available right away. Consider using a person who is house friendly and grade each home for user friendliness in the future. Yes, one is happy to be in a new home, however future reviews will fair greater if you take the consumer preferences in consideration. A better grade of products and owner flexibility will bring you that client you are looking for. As I am going through warranty issues on appliances and home items supplied on mass bulk and installed quickly and without love but speed of finishing, leads to a subpar delivery of home and product. As I am grateful to have Meritage as my builder in Florida, there are a few major concerns that are an easy fix. Lastly, the HOA experience is less than subpar, as I have NO formal correspondence from them. To compete in this market you have to business oriented and communication is the vital key to relationship development and trust from beginning to end. I am available to speak and would LOVE to speak in a more open forum, which is warranted, thank you. Pacsha