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Rancho Del Lago - 45s, July 2019


Liked Most

The energy efficiency and installation to include tinted windows

Would Change

I would not buy a spec home.

Madera Prelude - 40s-LN, July 2019


Liked Most

I think the spray insulation is going to be a cost saver. It's a quiet and sound home so far.

Would Change

It was my understanding that a walk through is go over the new home and to point out things that need to be addressed. These items were to be addressed in a week's time before the new owner closes and receives the keys. In my experience, I moved in and only a couple of things were addressed out of MANY. While I went through the house I was instructed to 'point out' or mark spots that need touching up with painters tape. It got to the point that I grabbed my own roll of tape. There had to be at least 30+ spots that needed paint touch ups. This did not include the paint splatters on the tile, carpet , concrete driveway, walkway, and back patio. There were several gouge marks in walls, trim and shelving. A few holes in the ceiling, nails coming out, unfinished caulking, split molding by door stop, chipped and shattered corner of tiles, closet bar 1.5" off the bracket, pipe not cut in linen closet, screen door stuck, cabinet door cracked. Paint on outside trim/roofline wasn't finished. Outside Garage lights didn't work, Kit recess light switch was not wired correctly, water heater not turned on upon move in date. Garage mishap with rebar and had to be dug out and re-poured. Looked horrible, but was fixed w/ epoxy which looks great. The workmanship of Meritage Homes is something to be desired. The walk thru could have been done in less than an hour and that is with going over everything. The delay is that you have to 'mark' areas that need to be addressed. This should have been done PRIOR to having a walk thru, as well as THOROUGHLY. These are all things that could have been addressed while still in under the building process. Having said that, a 21 day inspection is provided after you get in and notice possible issues. I had been in my house for over 3 weeks and was still awaiting the 'walk-thru' items, from my initial visit, to be addressed. I then had to take 2 days off from work, so all of these items could be addressed. It was a waste of my time, as 3/4 of these itms should have corrected prior to the keys being handed over.