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Province Parcel 10- 60's, January 2023


Review of Overall Experience

There are multiple reasons for these ratings. First being lack of proactive communications. I moved from out of state and sales person provided photo updates approximately every 2 weeks, but rarely commentary, and never when there were delays or bad news. Activity stopped for 8 weeks (actually 12 before it finally began again) with NO communication, just the same pictures being taken and sent…. until I asked why things looked the same as they had in the pictures sent 2 weeks before that and the 2 weeks before that. Got a message that home would be included in next set of houses to receive lathe. I requested weekly updates and provided date to begin; radio silence. I sent letter to Phillippe and Clint. It was pushed to the Area Construction Manager who reached out and explained supply chain and labor issues. We agreed on a weekly communication plan on what was completed/worked on as well as planned work for the following week. Communication improved somewhat, but I often had to reach out for the weekly update. When things got behind (and they continually were), communications got farther apart (I get it I wasn't the only customer - but my expectations were not changed by the Construction Manager). I did get a proactive communication and offer for Lock Rate in April that expired September 30th. In a random conversation with MTH Mortgage rep in June 2022, I learned that the completion of the house was targeted for October 30th – no communication on this from the sales person. However, when I asked what would happen with the lock rate – the Meritage Two Step began – defer and deflect. “I am not the one to make the decision – this is a Meritage Home thing – check with the Sales Person” – this went back and forth between the sales person, corporate and MTH Mortgage for 3 weeks before anyone would commit and tell me the Lock Rate date had been extended to December 23rd – also took some effort to get it in writing from MTH Mortgage as “the system needed to be updated”. Received information on 11/3/2022 regarding walk through date, to occur on 12/16 and close on 12/22….one day prior to rate lock expiration. I requested an earlier settlement as this date left no wiggle room in the event things got pushed. After escalating it through my realtor and to management and construction by Sales Person (Again – no one asked hey [redacted] – how will these dates impact you – we know your coming from across the country – nope Meritage doesn’t care how the buyer may or may not be impacted – or that I would have to stay at a hotel over a weekend so that Meritage had their 5 business days to correct any outstanding issues identified in the walk through. Through a phone conversation with the Area Construction Manager and Sales Person on 11/7 dates were agreed for walk through on 12/12 and closing on 12/16 and commitment that these dates could be met. I visited AZ November 12-16 and met with Area Construction Manager – all on same page; dates are good. As I was going to be driving across the country, a six day drive, I sent an e mail to Three (3) Meritage employees (Sales Person, Construction Manager and Area Construction Manager) on 11/30 to let them know I would begin traveling on 12/6 and to let me know if there was any change to 12/12….NO response from ANYONE. Sent a text to the Area Construction Manager on 12/5 telling him I would start drive on 12/6 and asked if they were on target. Did receive a response that “delivery was on target 12/12 orientation and 12/16 closing; the flooring company was behind, but committed to getting it done”. Began my road trip. Did receive a communication that the Dishwasher I was supposed to get was not in stock and would I be open to changing it to another one. I agreed and change request was sent for approval. I arrived on 12/12 for Orientation/Walk Through at the appointed hour – there was so much that wasn’t done, it wasn’t even funny – but we did the orientation with what was there – as “they were going to have it done”. 12/16, walk through is scheduled for 2 pm. At 1:40, 5 minutes to my leaving where I was, my realtor is on the way….I get a call from the Assistant Construction Manager (who did the Orientation – nice guy….but he shouldn’t have been the one making this call) calling to tell me that the house was not ready and closing would not be occurring. 20 minutes – before closing!?!?! It was not a good day for many people. Called the Sales Person, who I didn’t know was off that day as I had been expecting to meet with her, did answer her phone and told me it was the job of the Construction team to communicate that message – not her (Meritage Twostep again). When I used a curse word that offended her, she hung up and did not answer the multiple times I called her back. Went to the house and met with the Assistant Construction Manager, Construction Manager and Area Construction Manager – shared my disappointment of this late communication and was told might close on Monday, more than likely Tuesday – as they still had to get the gas connected, install appliances and get the certificate of occupancy as well as carpet installed – all of this was SUPPOSED to be done by the 12th for orientation - well before the 16th. I escalated it up….found out on Monday 12/19 that closing wouldn’t be until 12/22. Mind you – they had my money on 12/16 – wired to their bank – just waiting on the mortgage company funds. In the meantime I discovered that no less than 7 people between Meritage (including the sales person who was off that day), MTH Mortgage, Carefree Title knew prior to noon on 12/16 that the closing was not going to occur…..all the players knew…..except the buyer/customer who found out 20 minutes prior to the date. Closing occurred on the last possible day, 12/22 before the rate lock expired; however there were and continue to be several incomplete items as of 1/26/23 – though slowly chipping away. But hey still no proactive communication. These are just some of the reasons for the ratings.

Meadows @ Rancho Marana, January 2023


Review of Overall Experience

Overall experience has been great, but they gave not done a 21 day walk through like they previous stated and we still do not have our fridge.