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Evanston, May 2020


Liked Most

They build a very good quality home. They did two blower door tests and I was very surprised about how airtight he home actually was. They also have better materials and finishes than some of the other builder in the area.

Would Change

One thing I wish they did better was action all of the fixes I had highlighted during the home walkthrough. There were a few key things that needed to be fixed and were never done by the time I got procession, even though the construction manager said that they were working on addressing these items.

Fireside, May 2020


Liked Most

Hal was great. He explained the sales process very well. He responded to our questions in a very timely manner. Jason (Site Supervisor?) was fabulous. We had the utmost confidence in Jason's commitment to overseeing an incredible house built for us and he didn't disappoint!

Would Change

1. We requested a one-seat shower for the main bathroom but got a two-seat shower. Someone dropped the ball. 2. The grout we chose for the bathroom backsplashes wasn't available when it was time to grout and we had to select a different choice by photos sent by Hawthorn. Really hard to tell grout color via emailed photos. We were given 24 hours to choose before the grout had to be installed. Why isn't the grout set aside for our house to ensure we get the color we chose? 3. We bought a counter depth fridge and are very upset that it sticks out about 4 inches beyond the counter. In our minds that is not counter depth. Hal in NuVista sales agreed with us that counter depth should be flush with the counter. Wildwood Cabinets says it is the Brick's responsibility because they sold us the fridge. The Brick says Wildwood Cabinets should know to build the fridge into the cabinets. Richard at NuVista says "we didn't get what we want but we got what we ordered". Is it the home owners' responsibility to talk to each supplier to make sure they know what the other supplier is doing? Very disappointed in how this was handled. To top it off, the drawings from Wildwood show the fridge is counter depth (flush with cabinets and counter). The NuVista home drawings were drawn the same way. We had no idea that the fridge that was drawn as flush, would not be flush. We were pretty much left in limbo and figured after not hearing anything for a while, that nothing would be done. I'm apprehensive to make negative comments because we still need seasonal work done as well as our 3 month and 12 month service appts. I don't want to offend anyone, but I want our concerns to be heard. We are waiting to hear how our seasonal work will be handled. We are requesting gravel instead of loam -- we will pay for the gravel. We are hoping the grading gets done with gravel. Fingers crossed! We plan on using synthetic lawn so don't want the loam because we will have to remove the loam.