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Cooper's, August 2023


Review of Overall Experience

When first choosing NuVista, we were told that we would be supported every step of the journey with continual updates and could enter the site at any time by dropping in. This was not the case. I needed to reach out for updates, which often took a few days to get a response. Shortly after our purchase, the staff changed at the Airdrie site and we felt like we got left behind. A NuVista representative didn't come to our walkthrough, and wasn't even in town. I even was questioned as to why I was at the office one day (the door was open, but the open sign wasn't on. The two people inside said they were only open for a client. Am I not also a client?) when I wanted to get an update on the build in person. Once I said I was a home owner the staff softened, but if I was someone looking to buy I would have walked right back out the door. Although I am very happy with my home now that I am in it, the promises that were made when purchasing felt undelivered. While answering this survey, certain questions will pertain to our original representatives and others will pertain to the current representatives in Airdrie.

Dawson's Landing, July 2023


Review of Overall Experience

Overall, I am satisfied. There were a lot of little kinks along the way. A lot of surprises. I would have maybe done some things differently. Coordinating with warranty team was a little tricky. Had to do more with the supplier. They tried to cut some corners but it is what it is. The last few months before possession we just feel like the house was rushed. That kind of compromised the workmanship.