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Redstone, August 2021


Review of Overall Experience

This was my first home through Nuvista Homes and unfortunately wasn't a pleasant experience. The home was in building process before the hail damage in 2020. I was advised by the sales staff that it was built afterwards. When I bought home in April 2021, it had existing hail damage on roof and siding. I did point out this damage in our pre-possession walk, I was advised by the sales staff that this has been taken care of but to my surprise, nothing was done on possession date. This carelessness ruined my happiness on possession day. This issue was resolved later on but I had to brought in a 3rd person to take the roof pictures for me and had to open up a claim process for pre-existing damage. Toilet in the master bedroom was plugged since day one, I opened up a claim and I was advised that this is a maintenance thing. When I insisted that this seems like a pre-existing thing because I never moved into this house and my tenant complained within 24 hours of her move. Finally, they agreed to send a technician after 1-2 months when I already resolved the issue by calling another plumber. Who can survive for 2 months without using toilet? Or who on earth has time to wait for 2 months to get the toilet fixed? Front door still has hail damage on it but nobody paid attention to my email that I sent to them. Window well are there without any gravel. I sent an email few months ago and was advised that this is added on seasonal list. It is not done as of today and haven't received any response of my follow up email. No sod/landscaping was done on my property, just because it was the last home built on this street. I am in the process of developing a legal suite. I was very disappointed by the window sizes in the basement. They do not meet the city's egress requirements. I had to hire somebody to cut the concrete and replace the windows of both rooms. Middle door that connects the basement with the upper floor does not meet the city's requirement for legal suite. I have to replace that door before the final inspection. These are minor things that can easily be taken care by the builder, which can take burden off the shoulders of new home owner because it is already a costly process to build a legal suite and it is painful when you have to deal with several cuts to meet the egress requirements. Everything keeps adding the cost. Honestly, I ignored everything that happened in the beginning because I believe in moving on but I am very disappointed after dealing with window and door replacement process in the basement. Saba Noreen

The Willows, August 2021


Review of Overall Experience

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