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Rosenthal, April 2023


Review of Overall Experience

The house is great and the superintendent did a great job, but the overall experience was terrible; neither our sales person Billie nor Audrey W would update us unless we asked. We felt completely abandoned throughout the whole process which lasted from March 2021 to October 2022 (19 months), to the point of thinking we had been fooled. I’ll never forget that Billie told us the whole process would take 6 months when we first talked to her. The day we signed the deal, right after handing her our check, she said: “By the way, the process will take between 10 to 12 months now”. But it ended being way more than that, without updates unless we asked. Cherry on top was that they made us keep the crappy Otto system after emailing us that we could pick the nest system instead. Then Billie said we weren’t eligible and that she had made a mistake. We are now about to change the whole system out of pocket because Otto system was a bad joke. We had our purchase on a perfect timing and we had negotiated an interest rate of 1.6% and due to Pacesetter delays we ended up paying an interest of 5% Skyrocketing the overall cost of our home.

Pacesetter Homes - Edmonton Response

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. Pacesetter Homes understands our homeowners receive a firehose worth of information when purchasing a new home and that recalling the details months later may not always be reliable. To address this, and to ensure our clients are provided a reference for all the information presented to them, Pacesetter Homes puts everything in writing. The purchase agreement speaks to timelines for completion specifically. The 6 month completion you mentioned is very surprising as 6 months does not align with the completion timelines provided within the purchase agreement our Area Sales Managers review with clients at time of purchase. We are saddened to hear the Home Otto system disappointed you and that you felt it necessary to change it as the system was covered under your home's warranty. It is certainly unfortunate you were impacted by the Bank of Canada raising interest rates. Builder's, as our clients, prefer to see interest rates stay low. Sadly, Builders do not have any control or influence over when interest rates will increase or how long a bank will hold a rate for. What we can do is build our clients' homes as timely as possible while not compromising the safety of our staff and trades, or the quality of home we provide.

Riverview, April 2023


Review of Overall Experience

1 star out of 5. Very poor.

Pacesetter Homes - Edmonton Response

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. We are saddened to learn you are dissatisfied with the product you purchased. Pacesetter stands behind every build and will be here for you should any concerns arise. We would value learning what we could have done differently to ensure your satisfaction. We encourage you to email us with as much information as you are comfortable sharing. We look forward to hearing from you.