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Desrochers, May 2019


Liked Most

co-operation of the sales person with the changes made in the house.

Would Change

painters, inside door installers, cabinet installers, full information chart of the process building a house at the time of initial signage of the papers.

Summerwood, May 2019


Liked Most

What I love most about our home is the layout. The layout is what sold us on this house, Open floor plan, HUGE island, laundry room on second floor, and double sink bathroom - everything we wanted. The layout is stunning, we are very pleased! We also really liked Derrick. He is realistic about the industry and was always honest with us. No false promises, no misguiding, just total honesty - which we really appreciated. He was kind and professional. During our final walk thru when we would ask about things and the female associate made me feel "dumb" or like I shouldn't have pointed it out, Derrick would silently fix it or address it every time. He made this experience a positive one. He is fantastic at what he does and I would recommend Pacesetter because of our experience with Derrick.

Would Change

Please know, I am not the type to complain, but I do want to be very honest about our experience in hopes that no one else had the same experience. In an ideal situation, we would have had the same sales associate throughout the entire process. Unfortunately we had 3 I believe. We were very disappointed in our first associate. She gave us incorrect information multiple times, promised things she never delivered on, and felt scattered - so we were pleased to hear she had been let go simply because working with her was not a pleasant experience. However, we then went on to be disappointed as promises that were made to us by her, were never followed through or, we realized she had incorrect or incomplete information. For example, she told us we would be bi-weekly emails with updates (which is not industry standard so clearly not met (realistically so, but still a misleading promise). Likewise, we were very disappointed to see that the rock on our pillars looked nothing like the book. She never informed us we could have gone to a show place and look at the options; we would have done that in a heartbeat but the option was not given, rather we were told by our more recent associate when we complained. When we did our final walk thru, we also found the associate to be unapproachable and at time short. A bit of a "you are just the clients, you don't understand this industry" kinda feel. Thankfully that attitude seemed to lessen as our appointment went on, but walking in with great excitement we shortly felt a little robbed of that joy by her attitude. Regarding what I would change with the home/services... my greatest disappointment was the paint. There is drip marks every where and the bottoms of the doors are very very rough. Not very clean. I also would love if we knew when people were coming to work on the exterior. I know that there will be lots of people coming and going in the coming months as our exterior is finished, but it's surprising to me how often there is randomly someone outside looking at my house and I have to go ask what they are doing, and when I do ask I am made to feel like a nuisance.