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Three Rivers Cottages, April 2021


Review of Overall Experience

I’m sure the home is great overall and time will tell if the repairs are ever finished, but the craftsmanship is highly questionable around the finishing work. Everything seems to have been hurried along and looked extremely messy. I would not trust the painters with any future work and truly question if they need some form of vision care as they did not seem to notice the mess they left behind with paint in the carpet/splashed on other surfaces. The issues with sloppy paint and line work in general have been so numerous that I’ve lost track. Even the electrical wall plates were painted onto the wall. I feel like the home is a good value due to its location, square footage, and fair price, but I was told the issues I pointed out would be fixed before we closed. There has been progress but it has been slow. We’ve been closed for about four months and we’re not yet complete. The painters and cabinet crew created more issues than they fixed. Craig, Jesus, and his wife have been the only constant help towards remedying the issues, and I do appreciate them! Maybe my expectations were out of alignment. The cabinets and squareness of the finished window openings certainly were. This was my first time buying a “new” home but I’m not sure I would do it again. Additionally, the wrong closing date was given to the mortgage company which was worked out, but caused more frustration. I did not care for the preferred lender, Loan Depot, either as they did not show a care for proactive communication. I’m sure I will be able to make many great memories here, and I almost did not provide this feedback as I did not want to be negative. However, I hope that the feedback can be used to ensure the quality of finished work is better in other homes.

Village @ Carters Station, March 2021


Review of Overall Experience

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