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Markland, July 2020


Review of Overall Experience

We signed the contract when the house was at the framing. We experienced lot of resistance for making small changes/upgrade and were declined for simple items such as connections for water softener in the garage. We later learnt from our neighbor who also has a Providence home that it is their standard practice unless buyer tells them it is a deal breaker and then Providence will be willing to accommodate. We observed few workmanship issues prior to the closing and asked construction supervisor Don to address it. The issues were stated in the Warranty Action Review report. We are extremely disappointed with the poor workmanship of driveway pavers, backyard landscaping and unevenly mounted electrical switches throughout the house. Paver are uneven throughout the driveway which is very clearly visible in the pictures sent to the warranty manager Nova. It is not only looking visibly bad but after the rain the water does not flow properly and water logging happens at the several areas on the driveway. It will only continue to get worse as time progresses because of the water logging and water seeping under the pavers. This issue was stated in Don's report on May 20. He later sent two guys to fix the issue who seemed to be in an extreme hurry, they removed the few pavers, added some base material and tried to hammer the pavers to somehow make it look good which made it even worse. My wife and I called Don a few times while this was happening, he promised that he will have Tim be there to ensure the quality job. In summary, there was not much interest from anyone to ensure the quality job. During the home construction process I was told several times by Don and Tammy that my decision to choose Providence to build my dream home was right as this company is committed to building quality homes and homeowner satisfaction. I am highly disappointed that warranty manager declined to address the issue. I am hoping that Providence Homes lives up to its own philosophy as stated on the Providence Homes website: "At the end of the day, Bill's fundamental commitment to building each home as if he were building his own – to "Doing the right thing" – has set Providence apart." ' "At the end of the day, Bill's fundamental commitment to building each home as if he were building his own – to "Doing the right thing" – has set Providence apart." I hope Providence owners will look into this issue and instruct the warranty team to hold their trade partners accountable to address the issue and ensure the quality job.

Markland, June 2020


Review of Overall Experience

Overall we had a very good experience. Tammy was wonderful and continued to check in with us throughout the whole process, as were Donna, Robin and Don. Donna was so pleasant and helpful and Robin was patient and always available to lend a hand or try to get an answer. Don was the best and we felt very well taken care of - he always went above and beyond to resolve any issues, explain why things were done a certain way and just always do the right thing! Our home was completed in a timely manner even with COVID-19 occurring all around us which was impressive! I have put this in previous feedbacks, but our only stumbling blocks were around the very early steps in the process and the fact we had to decide all structural changes in the first 5 days and in reality that was far too fast - as time passed there were things we would have liked to change but it was too late (eg adding an extra window or removing a tub and instead having a walk in shower only). We also had concerns about landscaping in general. We don’t understand why providence allows buyers zero real input into landscaping. It’s a tragic flaw in your process. Lastly the painters were not good nor careful. Many doors were closed when paint was wet, lots of missed spots that we kept reporting to Don (who was, again awesome!) and he got fixed. We think this painting crew was poor and we paid extra for smooth walls. But other than those three areas we have been very happy. The quality of the house is amazing - that’s a large part of why we picked providence and we feel we made a great choice!