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Markland, June 2020


Review of Overall Experience

Overall we had a very good experience. Tammy was wonderful and continued to check in with us throughout the whole process, as were Donna, Robin and Don. Donna was so pleasant and helpful and Robin was patient and always available to lend a hand or try to get an answer. Don was the best and we felt very well taken care of - he always went above and beyond to resolve any issues, explain why things were done a certain way and just always do the right thing! Our home was completed in a timely manner even with COVID-19 occurring all around us which was impressive! I have put this in previous feedbacks, but our only stumbling blocks were around the very early steps in the process and the fact we had to decide all structural changes in the first 5 days and in reality that was far too fast - as time passed there were things we would have liked to change but it was too late (eg adding an extra window or removing a tub and instead having a walk in shower only). We also had concerns about landscaping in general. We don’t understand why providence allows buyers zero real input into landscaping. It’s a tragic flaw in your process. Lastly the painters were not good nor careful. Many doors were closed when paint was wet, lots of missed spots that we kept reporting to Don (who was, again awesome!) and he got fixed. We think this painting crew was poor and we paid extra for smooth walls. But other than those three areas we have been very happy. The quality of the house is amazing - that’s a large part of why we picked providence and we feel we made a great choice!

Liberty Cove at CW, June 2020


Review of Overall Experience

From the time I made my offer and received accommodations suggested by Mark in sales that put me over the top and brought me and Providence to an agreement; to the wonderful and accommodating Jason before the sale and courteous professional finisher after the sale with warranty and touch up items, I was 100% pleased with the purchase of my home. I also excitedly recommended to a couple of folks who were looking at the various models of different builders close by; invited them into my home and pointed out the truth of Providence Energy Star performance, such that two went on to purchase a Providence built home. My daughter bought a Providence home in Nocatee Town Center area in 2016; her enthusiasm influenced my decision to also purchase a Providence home. Just trying to keep it in the realm of family and new friends!