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Tucker Farms, August 2022


Review of Overall Experience

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Brookhaven 6, August 2022


Review of Overall Experience

First and foremost I want to make it clear that Zach was the best part of the whole experience. He met us at the house multiple times and pointed out things that were just unacceptable that I probably would've never noticed. We had a major crack in our driveway and originally Luther was just going to fill it and when he did it looked awful. Zach came out and told Luther the driveway needed to be completely resurfaced. When we did our final walk through prior to the day we were supposed to close I was mortified at the paint and trim work. Even Zach told us it was the worst trim job he had ever seen in the neighborhood. I believe those contractors had to come out another 3-4 times before it was finally "decent" enough to where we tired of the back and forth and decided to move forward. I work in the custom home building business and I understand the struggles that come with finding decent subcontractors but the work was absolutely unacceptable and my company would have NEVER allowed a buyer to move in with the trim and paint in that condition. Since we have moved in (been here about a month) we have already had to put in two warranty claims. One was for the master shower and the level of water pressure. The pressure was so bad it felt like standing under a slow drip of rain. We had to call over six times and each time we were given a new number of the contractor who was responsible for coming out to fix the issue and not once could we get him to answer the phone. It wasn't until last Tuesday that I get a random knock on the door and it's the contractor. Luckily Tuesday is one of my work from home days otherwise we would've missed him because he did not call or text prior to coming out then who knows how long we would've had to wait for him to come back out. I just had to put in a second warranty claim because the faucet in my daughter's bath is constantly leaking water, I'm talking full drip thus meaning the water bill is going to be outrageous. I'm disappointed with the cheap stove. There's no self clean option which is a really pain and for buying a new house I expected more especially since we had to purchase our own refrigerator. At this point I don't believe I'll ever give Raush Colemnan my business again which is really unfortunate because we were looking to add some more of your properties to our investment portfolio.