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Redstone Ranch 1, August 2018


Liked Most

Besides the one person we dealt with. I really appreciate how kind and helpful the people we dealt with were. They were always more than happy to explain things and answer questions. The customer service they provide has been more than great.

Would Change

When we first started looking for our home we dealt with one Ruasch Coleman person named Jerry Jackson. We were thinking of building and decided not to because we weren’t sure if our house would sell. We never dealt with Jerry after deciding not to build just our realtor. Over 3 months went by and our house sold and we had a very short deadline to find a new house. Zac Holly, could have his last named spelled wrong, was extremely helpful and kind to us. Jerry tried to create some sort of drama over Zac helping us and our realtor. It was extremely unprofessional that he showed up and we had to walk out of the room for him to get onto Zac about whatever he was getting onto him for. I was not impressed by that. I do want to say Zac Holly and the builder Andrew, not sure what his last name is, have been amazing throughout our home buying experience, and continue to be more than helpful whenever we have questions.

Silver Leaf, August 2018


Liked Most

The wonderful customer service by Jarod and Nic. They were very professional, knowledgeable, and caring. They went out of their way to ensure we were satisfied. Great people to have on your team.

Would Change

Felt rushed by builder (Toby) in initial walk through. Have found minor issues that were missed, that would of been caught, had we not been rushed.