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HP - Commons, July 2017


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To be truthful nothing. There is no quality in the work done by anyone at Rausch Coleman. I forcefully closed on my home on May 31st and it is now July 20th and still dealing with the mediocre work done in this house.

Would Change

I will never work with Pete Mann or Scott Myles again. I will never allow Pete Mann to manage the construction of any other home I may own in the future. Pete is careless and by the results, of which to this day I am still complaining on, he cares not about the work he was responsible for or of what is put into writing. The vendors chosen for the construction of my home were terrible and cheap. It appears they did the work with their eyes closed. Then the so called Field Manager failed to even take a look at the construction and progress. Originally I couldn't get Pete to respond to my emails all while Scott too kept quiet until I involved the warranty company. Ask for all my emails sent to Pete Mann, Scott Myles, Victoria Washington and Kimberly Edwards. You'll see the issues I have been dealing with over this home. Issues from paint, texture details, holes, cracks, trim, outlets, switches, cable drops, and more. I was deceived into buying this home and felt the overwhelming pressure to close sooner than later. Scott Myles is dismissive and quickly says no and when he finally agrees to a repair he too takes the cheap route by going to Walmart to buy "material" only to do the work himself. My statements here only touch the surface of the whole ordeal. Lastly, Pete and Scott are quickly trying to complete repairs so that I may sign off on items.

HP - Reserve, July 2017


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Friendly and courtesy staff

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