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Abbott Farms 2, February 2021


Review of Overall Experience

I have been so looking forward to receiving this survey. Happy with our home, but a monkey could have done a better job than Christy. She's a liar, a procrastinator, her communication skills are poor, and completely inflexible on details that mattered to us, while expecting her mistakes to be overlooked on our behalf. If I was a member of your executive leadership team, I would be opening up an investigation into her overall performance, and then I would be firing her, sooner rather than later. One of the worst experiences I've ever had was anywhere she was involved. I have a feeling she may be a reason our first builder Hugh left early on in the process. He must have realized how incompetent she really is and couldn't work with her. My only thoughts on that matter, because we lost him mid way and gained Stephen. who happened to be a pleasure to work with. He came through on things that Christy fell flat on. He answered questions, and got things accomplished. However there were a few issues during the building process, such as them having a hard time locating the sewer to tie into, and failing to insulate a wall that I had paid for, telling us things we could have and then ultimately telling us we couldn't have them. All of those things can be resolved however if Christy was gone. Just a suggestion from a fair minded individual who is patient to a fault. She would cause a saint to cuss like a sailor. Get rid of her ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kings Ridge 4, February 2021


Review of Overall Experience

Christy was amazing. She was the kindest person, very responsive and a pleasure to do business with. Steve did a great job throughout the build making sure everything checked out and looked good. These two made my experience enjoyable.