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Bonterra, April 2022


Review of Overall Experience

Overall very happy with the experience, the team we worked with and the house.

Bonterra, April 2022


Review of Overall Experience

Have been in the house less then a month. Have had a flood in the crawl space that ruined our belongings. Fixed the issue but left a huge mess. The crawl space was wrapped and sealed prior to the flood, now I’m left with a huge hole and tears in the vinyl. Not to mention all the mud. Tore up the sod and left it all mangled and uneven. Had a landslide on the side of the driveway. It’s a dangerous situation with kids around. Still not repaired, it’s going on one week. My dog fell in it this morning. Refrigerator ice and water dispensers never worked since we moved in. I was told to call kitchenAide. Roebuck provided the appliances with the house. It never worked since move in. Roebuck should be calling kitchenAide not me. . Have huge cracks in weight bearing beams on the elevated deck. Bolts are cross threaded and not flush to the wood. Gaps in the wood on the side of the house. No floor moldings in the house. Bathroom where floor meets tile is not caulked. Looks shoddy. Glue spots all over the wood floor. Shower door does not fit properly with gaps. Tile on shower ceiling doesn’t match the rest of the shower. Seems like once I moved in, I’m just a number. The people are very nice but not great at addressing issues such as the ones mentioned above. Unhappy and frustrated homeowners when we should be very happy after buying a newly built home. Gutters leak too. Rain water falls behind the gutter then runs over to the landslide and makes it worse. Soon the driveway will be collapsing and I’ll be left to deal with that.