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Inland NW, April 2023


Liked Most

Open concept

Would Change

I would recommend listening to the home buyer and their wants and desires after initial contract and through the building process. I would recommend not saying no can’t do that, I would seek to find a solution and common ground. I would also expect communication after the orientation and move in. Give a call check in, see how things are going. Specifically after the first month. Also communicating next steps from the project manager when there is still winter hold backs. To not respond is very disappointing.

Southwest WA, April 2023


Liked Most

I like that our home design suits our family’s needs well. The layout is exactly what we were looking for and it was well accomplished. Some of the features we like best would definitely be the high vaulted ceilings, the arched doorways and the spacious living area layout.

Would Change

I personally would have liked to have a wider range of options in design features and items such as tile, flooring, lighting, faucets, hardware, etc. Also it would have been great of we could have had all of the interior walls insulated (for noise reduction). It also would be great if Simplicity was better at providing transparency when it comes to certain things. For instance, one issue we ran into was that our baseboards were placed a certain way in the beginning and we had expected to see what we were seeing on all of the pictures in their website and that threw us off. We were very impressed and happy with how they handled the whole thing and it was fixed and to our liking in the end. But things like that it would be nice to know beforehand, rather than after it’s already too late.