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TOWNE LAKE, April 2023


Review of Overall Experience

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CANNONGATE, April 2023


Review of Overall Experience

I regret to report that my experience with Stone Martin Builders was quite disappointing. To begin, there was a lack of transparency surrounding the home contingency portion of the contract, particularly with regards to the upgrade cap. This important information was not included in the short list of items covered in the contract and was not explained by SMB's real estate agent. However, my biggest concern was SMB's response when I inquired about forfeiting my builder's deposit and backing out of the purchase. I was informed that I would be responsible for paying 5% of the home's value, amounting to over $20k, despite not having finalized any upgrades and the home being a spec home already planned to be built on the lot. This seemed to be poor customer service and made me feel trapped into the purchase after signing the contract. Furthermore, I am deeply disappointed in the quality of the finished product. It is evident that the house was quickly put together and finishing touches were rushed. There are paint runs throughout the house and paint drops all over the floor. While these were addressed during the blue tape walkthrough, only a portion of the issues were fixed. The sink in the master bedroom fell from the countertop while cleaning due to improperly installed clips, and the carpet in the master bedroom was pulling away from the backing at the bathroom door. Instead of replacing the carpet, a quick fix was offered, which was to patch it and add additional carpet seams in the room. When I requested a transition piece to hold down the carpet, this request was denied, and I had to install it myself at additional expense. I do want to acknowledge the efforts of PM Cullen, quality team member Tyler, and warranty team members Cody and Pete, who were polite and seemed to genuinely care about my concerns. However, overall, I believe SMB prioritizes profit and speed over quality, which is very disappointing given the substantial investment I made in this $420k home.