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Bexar, December 2019


Liked Most

I could never get a straight answer from any of the employees of Tilson Homes - except for Ty Jimerson (Construction Superintendent) - he was the only person that really communicated with us. He was awesome from day one and if he didn't know the answer he would find it out and get right back with us. He met us when we had issues and he took care of them. I would certainly recommend him over any other employee of Tilson Homes. Ty showed compassion and showed concern for us when we had issues or questions. We are and were very grateful for his help during the 10 months that he had to help us. We appreciate everything he did for us and he deserves a raise...

Would Change

My husband and I felt that after we signed the contract - the Sales Person changed his whole tune with us. We felt because we chose "One of our smaller homes" as he so put it to us that he really didn't care if he helped us or not. We got the run around several times and we were told from the very beginning that Tilson handles everything. I did so much running around to the City and to City Public Service for different issues. (Paperwork/permits, etc). The whole process and over 700 emails back and forth - was really uncalled for. We ended up having to spend a very large sum of out of pocket money in which we didn't count on. Your water heater can be placed in the attic - WRONG City of San Antonio does not allow. We had to make a larger closet and incur the charges. Being charged a $2000 fine for removing a tree - because no permits were pulled from the City. Extra charge. The people that you employ to construct the homes are something to be desired. Drinking on the property and leaving the beer cans in the home. (Not acceptable). Carpet was installed and the workers were not instructed to wear shoe coverings and the workers were walking all over the brand new carpet and then the entire house was painted after the carpet was installed. Unacceptable and when I asked about the process - I was told that Tilson does not require the workers to wear shoe coverings. The tape/float job was unacceptable and had to be redone several times. Our ceramic tile was installed in the kitchen and there were issues with the way that the island was installed and constructed. A very shitty job and had to call the construction crew back a few times to correct the issues - in which then the tile had to be redone. We had selected the tile to be offset on the original paperwork and when JC Arocha was out of the office someone filled in for him and submitted the paperwork and the tile was not listed as offset install. (something we probably should have caught, but isn't that what the salesperson should be paying attention to? THE WHOLE EXPERIENCE - was not what we expected for this being out first home build. We thought the process was going to be less stressful and much more help than we received. I would never recommend Tilson Homes to anyone. Very unhappy customers..... I would never recommend JC Arocha or Pat Mayo!!!

Medina, November 2019


Liked Most

Chaunce was so knowledgeable and very nice and our sales person is a great sales member to your team that I hope y’all never lose her. Kelly West was amazing.

Would Change

Not a thing it was so Relaxing to build with y’all and redesign our floor plan to fit our needs.