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Gulf Coast, November 2023


Review of Overall Experience


Central Texas, October 2023


Review of Overall Experience

Superintend, Will was very, very, very pushy! Salesperson did not have knowledge of her job and kept omitting changes we asked! She wasn't sure of the answers to our questions! Did not tell us about the Island we requested, could not be built in our Home. Had to settle for what they put in! Will, the Superintended, also did not seem to have much building knowledge, if any, of his job and kept looking at our House plans to try and figure things out! He, the Superintend, didn't seem to have any concern for us, the customers! He seemed to be frustrated every time we met! We requested for the vent dryer in the laundry room to go straight up, but instead ran it to the back of the house, 30 feet or more away! He, the superintend, said that is the way the engineers set it up! Besides, the other customers prefer the vent not to be in the front, showing. We didn't care if it showed or not, we wanted the vent to go straight up so as in the future to prevent clogging! He told us all we had to do is pull the dryer out periodically and clean it! There are so many other bad things, issues, that was left behind and was told that the warranty people would come back and fix them! They rushed through the building process so as to go to another one! Their slogan, for 70 years is, We Build It the Way, You Want It. Well, they turned their slogan around and built it the Way, They Want It! What makes it so, so, sad, is that we looked into their plans for 13 years and were so confident in them. What turned out to be our Retire Dream Home, came out to be our Nightmare Home! Never will we ever recommend TILSON Builders to any of our Family, Friends, nor Enemies! At the end we had no choice but to keep it and move forward. We had other Homes built by other Builders and they were always attentive to our needs and requests. Tilson ran the building process without coordinating much with. They would not let us know when contractors were coming out, as they said they would! Trash was always left behind for us to pick up, which we were told the contractors would do after every job! The Superintend needs a lot more training for this, his job and needs to listen more and do more for his customers! I could go on and on about Tilson and Tilson's Superintendent, but it makes me so frustrated, and I hope I made my point across! So sad for Tilson and whomever else gets their homes built with them! Hope they don't have to go through the same HELL we went through! We are still waiting and enduring, having to wait for the Warranty people to come out and finish the work before it expires! Our Nightmare Home does not seem finished, completed until all the Warranties are complete!