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Central Texas, May 2023


Review of Overall Experience

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Central Texas, April 2023


Review of Overall Experience

1. Extremely disappointed with the overall lack of communication and organization in construction and finishing. No one seemed to care about the quality of the work they performed. Large amount of rework necessary time and time again due to sloppy work: framers, painters 2. Didn’t have the opportunity to final review plans. They were handed over at construction turn over meeting and never reviewed for accuracy to correct sales associate mistakes which caused issues for building supervisor. Still working to resolve soap drawer at sink. 3. Lack of respect of property with delivery trucks, concrete wash outs, trash, food, and beer containers left inside house. Really drinking beer at all on property is an issue much less while working. Got real tired of picking up beer bottles and food from the house after framers left for the day. 4. Lack of clean up after work: framers, painters, wall texture (globs all over floor and walls -continually asked for resolution and I finally spent hours removing on my own) 5. Spray insulation, drywall texturing, exterior painting all done in the dark without lights – poor quality of work performed as a result. 6. Amount of wasted materials due to sloppy work, rework, and mis-orders was incredible. 7. Owner should not have to act as a project manager: keep a running list of outstanding items, same items came as a surprise at the end to supervisor. Repeatedly asking for the same items to be resolved. Many times the response received was “It” would happen at the end. Of course at the end, “it” didn't happen. We "forgave" numerous outstanding items on our list just so we could close. 8. Sales associate was very nice at first and after we signed, everything went downhill. We received what apparently was the "final" house plan at construction turnover and washed her hands – which we didn’t sign off on. There were several items on the plan that were previously pointed out to SA and never corrected. We still one month after closing are trying to get our sink cabinet sponge drawer resolved. 9. Sales: several pricing and design items not responded to in a timely issue so we could make a decision. We had to abandon them – which was probably the goal. Several times outright lied to us about what could and could not be done. 10. Sales issue: Pricing for extra (over 60 foot) electricity and plumbing should have been detailed in original pricing list instead of waiting for a change order to set the current price per foot. 11. Screws never added under windows at front under stone – could have mitigated bows in windows in two front rooms. 12. Air conditioner pad is not square to house and was placed too low to allow for grading – noted at foundation time but not addressed. 13. Design issue: Light switch placement in guest bath. Plan calls for left side of entry, however there is physically not room. 14. Design issue: Light switch placement in dining room to back entry – too far from wall edge. 15. Design issue: lack of choices in cabinet stain colors – inability to select own stain as “cabinet maker would have an issue with a different stain color than those pre-selected by Tilson.” Had to reselect LVP and floor tile due to out of stock – should keep more current so we could select coordinated items at design meeting. After that point, no one wants to assist as they have other clients. 16. Sales issue: didn’t disclose in detail differences from model: extra row of lights in kitchen were not standard. 17. Not disclosed that painting over hinges was standard. Just one example of communication issues. 18. Too many issues to list occurring due to trying to finish so quick to meet arbitrary close date as it was close to 14-month commitment. 19. First iteration of cleaning: cleaners threw out and didn’t replace protective covering for LVP flooring. Next day, mud, rocks, drywall dragged over new floor. 20. Planning/process issue: putting in LVP prior to completion of painting, tile backsplash, electrical, cabinet finishing (knob, handles, cut outs for gas lines) etc. 21. A custom Builder should be able to handle propane gas, gutters, electrical and water lines, soft water system - instead of requiring landowner to do. Builder handled septic install. 22. It took so long for Tilson to provide a bid on the driveway, that we had to get someone else and got it done before the bid was even delivered to us.