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Central Texas, August 2019


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Very efficient

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well when we first started, we were suppose to have plugs in the floor, Engineers left out and had to cut out and that was very dangerous. Due to our type of slab. I forgot to have 6 to 8 electric plugs by main TV

Central Texas, July 2019


Liked Most

Katherine in the office was very professional and helpful. Juan the site manager was very professional and did a great job. Other than a few minor adjusts, the house is solid and well built.

Would Change

The quality of the home is fine, there are just a few adjustments that need to be made. However, our construction site manager, Covey, although he seems like a nice man, did not meet our expectations. We were told when we signed up that the construction manager would walk us through everything and let us know step-by-step what was going on with our house and if we had any concerns or questions, that we could talk to him about it, however this was not the case. Most of the time when we came to the site, he was no where to be found. We went for almost a month with little or no work on the house in Feb/March and he was tough to get in touch with. I emailed him with some questions about the landscaping and he didn't answer until my husband got in touch and then his response was basically "You'll get more info as we get closer to closing." We had to contact him when we wanted to know what was going on or if anyone was coming out to work that week. We also had a problem with some of the workers brought a grill inside the house during construction, so they could cook their lunch. We talked to Covey who said he would take care of it, but that meant they only used it in our garage. Covey really didn't walk us through the process, but we felt we stumbled through. We were told that there had been some problems with the cabinet makers, the AC company (even though ours was already finished) and so on. There seemed to be many excuses, but in the end he admitted he "dropped the ball" on our house, because he was late on several other people's homes. Because we built during the slow season, I was surprised that our house was still six weeks late. As many people who work for the Tilson company, I would have thought there would be enough to finish the project promptly. Many of the things were just little things that needed to be taken care of, such as not letting barn swallows build a nest on our porch that turned into a bigger problem because it was addressed in a timely manor. Other things are more serious, such as while the crews were here, we had both of our lawn mowers stolen from back behind the shed. Covey vouched for his workmen, however, we're still out almost $2000 when the work on the house was supposed to be done by that point.