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Bosque, June 2020


Liked Most

Taylor in the Georgetown office was great to work with. Great experience!

Would Change

We are happy with the basic layout of the house. What I'm most disappointed with is the level of craftsmanship that went into the house. Doors that are slightly off of plumb so the reveal of the gap is tighter in one area and loose in another. The french patio door wont stay shut unless you are very deliberate when you close it. It doesn't need to be slammed to get it to shut but you definitely need to listen for the click of the latch otherwise the wind will blow it open. There are several rough sawn cedar beams on the patio that look bad. If the carpenters would have just looked at the beams before they screwed/nailed/bolted them in place they could have hidden the flaws and made the reveal of the beam look much better. The patio concrete wasn't poured with any drainage grade so when it rains hard water pools next to the doors. It actually runs towards the doors?? Did they even check the grade when it got poured? I'm worried that over time all of the poor quality contractor work in the house will lead to problems. I don't know why I didn't notice all of these issues when we did the final walk through with Gabe. Maybe now that we've been here for a little while I'm noticing more things? It seems to me that the model home in Georgetown was built with a proper amount of attention to detail, they way it should be. Our house seems to have been built with whatever it takes get it slapped together quickly and then get to the next job.

Burnet, May 2020


Liked Most

Got a good bang for the buck, overall! Overall for everything - extremely happy!

Would Change

would suggest inspecting workmanship on a weekly/job basis so that little problems could be fixed before other levels of construction wouldn't be added over/on top of it to make it more difficult to correct.