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Burnet, August 2022


Review of Overall Experience

I don't really have words for how badly this process has gone. I understand delays happen, but the lack of communication in and around those delays was unfathomable in a modern company. The lack of caring as to our needs was apparent from most of the Tilson staff and the contractors. We have been in our home for a month and it is still not finished because the work ethic is nearly nonexistent. No, I would not recommend Tilson. The sales staff were the only people that kept their word and were attentive to our needs.

Milam, August 2022


Review of Overall Experience

We are so disappointed. As my previous survey noted we felt very taken advantage of because we are military, and we were living out of state while our home was built. We did arrive to Texas in March after being told our home would be done between February and march, we understand delays, but we had to figure out an air bnb and drive our kids to school two hrs each day as we were not able to move in until the end of May. When we did move in our house was still not done, however our super intendent promised the rest would be taken care of. Our walls look so sloppy need paint and the cleaners shut all the doors when they were wet, so paint was messes up, still not done, our super intendent did not follow our floor plans and did our shower wrong, we compromised to get in and it is still incomplete dangerous and just a waste of the extra money we spent for a "custom" home. Our upstairs bathroom was grouted in two different colors and noting to seal the bottom, still not done, we are missing light frames in two bathrooms, still not done, our tile in the kitchen is not sealed and is covered with grout remains, both of our ovens do not work, our concrete outside is all stained from paint, stain, and material looks horrible and our foundation is already cracking under our stones. We spent over a half a million dollars, saved for over 12 years for this dream home and retirement home and not one person has come looked at the house, our superintendent refuses to give us a schedule to complete. We are just beyond words of disappointment and to be honest very nervous if our home is even structurally safe after seeing all the jenky work done. The only two things he has done was got our family room vault ceilings re stained because there was paint on them, people just showed up came through our gate, i was in a meeting for work and had to get off, they spoke no English, pushed my ganged together couches and almost broke them i had to stop them and they had no idea what they were there for. Now all of our "extra money" wood still doesn't match because he told them only that room. There are several other issues, but it would be best for someone higher up to come take a look and see what we can do.