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Central Texas, May 2019


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I hope the house has no more flaws that have not been found. The finished product after many revisions seems good. Too bad it wasn't done correctly the first time or second or .....

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I believe they were minimally prepared to build. The crews were frequently not prepared. The process seems to be"lets throw this together and if we are caught we can fix it over and over again until the buyer gets quiet". No pride of workmanship seen except by concrete team. Don't build near Christmas as the guys from 7-11 go home till after New Years. A double window, incomplete in shipping was installed and not replaced until the window was finished and painted inside and out so then the other crews came back to repair the repairs. Workmen arrived in cars sometimes without any signage indicating who they were, They brought families to stay the day, likely due to transportation. Painting had to be done and redone and redone, likely as the crew insisted on painting on a day when the temp reached 36 degrees as a high. Most building seemed to be done rushed, again with the understanding that it could be done over and over again. Builders worked odd hours, sometimes late at night (do you do your best work at night after a long day?) Lack of English speaking (surprise) made communication difficult. I pondered the double breaker electric circuit labeled WALL for a while knowing wall sockets don't require a 30 amp circuit. I later realized they were talking about the circuit to the well house (you know, the water WALL). Sheet rock workers covered electric outlets, wires, Electricians did not put the correct plugs in the utility room. Drafting omitted the back steps and railing that Sales had told me were required by code. Glass people installed a chipped bathroom mirror (if noticed we can come back and fix if we need to). Bathroom fixture was installed over a hole in sheet rock on an exterior wall (do you think anyone will notice). Broken board with wood missing was installed on door frame (no one will notice if we get it painted quick enough). Open garbage required regular trips by me to pick up flying trash that I believe would be harmful to livestock. The grade / slope was completed with lousy blowing sand. . Process of wooden mantle .. The first piece was badly cracked on both ends. It was replaced by one that had an inventory number written in large black numbers. It was installed and the painters stained over the numbers but no problem cause someone was coming back to trim the end and the numbers would vanish. The end was trimmed into a rotten knot through the board that must have been ok cause the painter again stained over the rotten knot hole but that's ok cause someone is going to come trim it again which was done and the painter stained it again then someone was going to attach the mantle which they did but I guess they forgot their tape measure cause they attached it without centering it on the fireplace but it was only about 2 inches off. I think TILSON and future buyers would be well served if they had "in house" construction crews rather than rely on what appeared to be day labor.

Gulf Coast, May 2019


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Aracely Harris

Would Change

More time before our walkthrough was needed.