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North Texas, June 2019


Liked Most

Working with Nidia Vega and Josh Fluker.

Would Change

Stop rushing the home completion, take time to do it right. Tilson started strong but fell short in the final details. Get better appliances. Hire contractors that have some pride in their craftsmanship, like our masonry team did. The crew that did the masonry work was great, the others not so much.

North Texas, May 2019


Liked Most

Our construction manager, Josh, was exceptional. He was extremely responsive and thorough. He truly cared about our home and process and answered any and all questions. He dealt with issues, complications and other challenges very quickly. He was just a great person to work with and I can honestly say our experience would not have been the same without him.

Would Change

Our beginning process was rough. The salesman we had (not Nidia) was uneducated and kind of rude. He did not explain the process well. I really wanted a specific layout, and was not able to get that layout and felt like I finally just gave in because it had taken SO long with that salesman and we had gotten nowhere. We spent about 3 months emailing before I figured out, on my own, that the layout I wanted wasn't going to work in our price range. I was very frustrated by that point. Then, Nidia took over, and she provided exceptional customer service and was a lot more knowledgeable. The biggest thing I would change, is the way Tilson handles their trash. We had a fenced in area that held the trash, and it is a complete and total mess. Trash blew all over the place, and because there is no bottom to the pin ( like there would have been with a dumpster) we were left with a very large amount of tiny trash pieces--nails, screws, random pieces of wire. The tiny stuff was just all over and honestly still is. The amount of trash on our property at move in was just really overwhelming. They graded and tried to dig a lot of it under, but after it started raining it all resurfaced. Our home turned out great, but the trash was my absolute least favorite part.