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Bastrop, March 2021


Liked Most

-It's finished -size and layout -warranty people have been pleasant when speaking with them over the phone

Would Change

-Cleanliness of jobsite throughout the building process -More communication between home builder and buyer throughout the process. -more care from each subcontractor that comes to the jobsite; some can be very sloppy -we watched many videos where they showed expectations throughout the building process, our site manager did not do many of the things that they show on those videos -backdoor floor trim that is on the outside of the home is not supported by the concrete -range hood "upgrade" -bottom of front door seal is still torn, asked for this to be replaced and a new seal was just placed at our gate for us to replace on our own -back porch beam screw covers are not equal on both sides -kitchen range-bottom drawer is crooked and back stainless area has always seemed broken and dishwasher-difficult to turn on -trim paint and silicone looks horrible in several places -the breaker in our pantry keeps tripping -vinyl flooring-when walking on it, in certain places you can see where it is lifted up and when you step down it will make a noise like it is trying to click back together -front steps added

Wilson, March 2021


Liked Most

The home is what we were looking for. The site manager answered our questions and for the most part was accommodating to our requests. Not sure how much leeway he is given.

Would Change

There are a couple of items I would have done differently had I ever seen an electrical plan before. I would have liked to have a stable pipes at the faucets not PEX pipe. It looks and feel cheap. There was not a house with this floor plan for us to look at prior to the purchase.