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Central Texas, May 2019


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The over all home is great

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Central Texas, April 2019


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Services: The ceramic tile crew did an outstanding job. We do receive compliments on that sector. The trim crew trim crew did a good job with the exception of the outside corner transition of the crown molding. It ended up that I had to build an outside transition block as the box they built looked like a bird house. The HACV crew did the job as expected.

Would Change

The biggest problem with the building process started with the foundation. Being the 3rd house I have built, the foundation on this one rates a Definitely not again for the foundation company. After the foundation was poured in approximately 3 days there was a crack the depth of the foundation from front to back. That tells me that the base should have been packed as the foundation engineer stated it to be. I called the builder and told him of this and he said that they would do a pre stress to mitigate the problem of cracks.After that was taken care of I got my square and level and found that it was neither. I asked the builder how were they going to be able to build a square and level house on a foundation that was not. Only one time before had I seen so much ponding and that was with a "Jim Walters Home". They did not build one for me. The foundation company tried twice to rectify the problem in the garage with no success. Tilson had another contractor come in to rectify the problem, they came 3 times and we are now waiting for the patches to cure to see if they hold up and that the floor does not show the patched. On the 3rd time when they were taking up the hollow places, concrete from the foundation was coming up with it. In the living area the ponding presented a problem for the flooring company. We had Vinyl tile installed, it ended up with Tilson and the flooring company Plastic tile on top of that to rectify the problem they had. The slope on the front porch was not poured as it was framed out giving the porch a hard slope. The builder told me that was Tilson's policy as to keep water from flowing into the house and that it was to have a `1/4 in per foot slope. That would be fine but it is more than that. I have pictures of the slope with a level and a ruler. The framing for the foundation was so bad that we have wavy sides. We had 3 families watching the construction as they all had children that was wanting to build a house. All they had to see was the foundation and said that Tilson would not build for them. The paint crew got a lesson on painting crown molding and not use a lot of painters putty. He had to come back numerous times to rectify that problem. We have walk in showers, the rail that goes across the top from wall to wall is very flimsy, just hope it hold up for the heavy doors. The ladder going to the attic is really quite flimsy, I would have rather had a Werner. I don't understand why there is not a ladder access to the attic above the garage. in the drawings, that is a lot of wasted space without one. On the lighting, I believe that the lights above the sink and counter tops area should be switched separate from the lights in the cathedral ceiling. As it is we are going to install bar lights under the upper cabinets.