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Cornerbrook - Laned ZLL, June 2020


Liked Most

Niche and wide staircase.

Would Change

Front stair. Instead of treated wood should have gone for concrete steps

Cranston Riverstone, June 2020


Liked Most

We love our location and love the floor plan of our home. We loved the flexibility that we had at the beginning of our build to make small changes to the design of the floor plan. We truly feel we have a home that fits the needs of our family. The Design Centre was wonderful. The open houses were great for us to go and look at what was there and having our 1:1 time was fabulous. Thank you. Signature Lighting was also at 5 star experience!

Would Change

We had our main sales team completely change at the most inopportune time, right as we were finalizing all details to sign. The new sales representative had no idea the conversations that had previously occurred or what we were looking for. This was only made more difficult by us living out of town. Our first Sales Manager, Sharon was AMAZING! She was incredibly personable and easy to work with. She explained everything very well and always made us feel important and valued, she was exceptionally responsive and we appreciated her and all her work greatly. After she left, we never felt valued or responded to in the same way by the new sales staff. We felt the staff never ever really took the opportunity to know what we were building and what we had all changed. We even received a call in error to discuss items in the home which had been previously reviewed. Later it was determined the sales staff called us about a different build entirely. We understood that it was a difficult time for staff to catch up on all the customers and the various builds. During the build of our home however the service never really got better with the new team. We felt our inquiries were responded to with blanket answers that never really addressed or answered the concerns or questions we were presenting. They provided weekly updates with photos which were wonderful but the communication beyond that often left us extremely frustrated. So much so that we often chose not say anything at all unless it was absolutely imperative. Our negative reviews are a reflection of this. Had we had Sharon throughout we are sure the numbers for sales team satisfaction would have been much higher. Not only did we have our sales team change but our site supervisor changed throughout our build too. At the time of transition our foundation was being dug, cribbed and poured. Thankfully, one of us were able to attend a meet and greet with the site supervisor and noticed an error in the dig, the omission of our sump location. He didn’t even know we had purchased a sump and we had to point it out on the blueprints. In the end, it could have been added later if need be but the event did not leave us feeling confident about the building process going forward. Only to make our uneasy feeling worse was the communication between the sales team, us and the site supervisor. We understand the need for processes but when we were provided with photos of the build and noted discrepancies to the sales team we felt as if we were an annoyance and our question an inconvenience. With such a large investment, we expected better especially from a team that was not part of any of the planning conversations. Our experience with the Design Centre and Signature Lighting were amazing. We also went to Granite Gallery to view samples and had a wonderful experience there. We would strongly recommend changing to a new Appliance Supplier. The sales representative there was not at all helpful but we previously discussed our concerns with Trico. Had warranty not been an issue we would not have used Coast Appliances. As a smaller note. I think the Showhome’s should have clients attend the design centre when selecting exterior items. Had we seen a physical sample of the shingles and exterior stone we would have likely selected differently. The stone we may have even upgraded. Hardie Board, paint and deck samples were available but the others are from a catalogue which make distinguishing more difficult. Another option, have a photo album of your previous homes and various colour and medium combinations and selections for people to look at.