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Unity in Seton, July 2019


Liked Most

Absolutely nothing.

Would Change

Through this ENTIRE process I was repeatedly given incorrect information, then had to fight with Trico staff for them to keep their word. From the things I was promised before I even purchased, to upgrade options and availability, to possession timelines - I received several different, constantly changing sets of information. Repeatedly sales staff changed over, leaving many pieces missed and MANY mistakes made that were completely avoidable. I wasn't given all the information before I chose to purchase (including optional changes and upgrades I wasn't made aware of, accurate timelines, prices, etc...). Then, when the correct information came to light, it was too late and I was locked into a contract. Things like the Hero's discount were missed, my career was improperly reported on important government paperwork... I was continually having to search for correct information myself and bring those issues and mistakes to the attention of the Trico staff. When I brought all of my concerns to the Trico manager, I was rudely disregarded, my concerns being dismissed and was told that this is what I can expect in a new construction home. Then, there is the issue of possession. When I originally purchased, I chose my unit for the projected possession timeline of January for specific reasons. I expected a month or two delay and was prepared for possession to be slightly later than January. What ended up becoming a reality was a June 2019 possession day on the VERY last day of the contract possible. If I had not moved in on the day I did, our contract would have been voided and I would have had the right to walk away. Therefore, there was limited flexibility in timelines, which was frustrating and inconvenient for me as June is a time of little to no flexibility with my career. Furthermore, I do not believe my home was actually ready for possession. I was told I could not park in my garage for another 10 days or so because the concrete of the skirt had no fully cured. Due to this area being highly active with construction work, parking was often a huge hassle as I could not access my garage. This entire experience has been stressful, negative and I truly feel Trico stole an experience from me that should have been fun and exciting as a first time home buyer - they tarnished this milestone by being dishonest, uninformed and by having abysmal customer service. I feel that purchasing with Trico was a HUGE mistake and would absolutely not do this over again if I had the chance. There are many points along the way where Trico staff could have taken ownership for issues and worked to rebuild my trust. Instead, they passed blame and refused to acknowledge their shortcomings, attempting to make me feel like my expectations of honesty and integrity were not realistic. I do not have a single positive thing to say about this company nor this experience.



Liked Most

The leniency when providing a concrete porch and upgraded front door. Accepting our realtor's appearance at the possession appointment. Everyone treated us with respect and served with a smile.

Would Change

Quicker handling of deficiencies (only 1 of 5 taken care of 4 weeks after possession date). Allow master bedroom to be at the back of the house. Be more open to 3rd party items when Trico-provided options are expensive. Water in kitchen is way too hot, while the ensuite takes way too long to heat up. More care installing the dryer exhaust vent.