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The Creek Singles Phase 1, March 2023


Review of Overall Experience

I’m really sorry if this survey and review wasn’t the best experience / rating. We expected a lot more from Urbandale as we were previous purchasers. It’s very hard right now to say if I’d recommend Urbandale or not. This experience was the most stressful experience of our lives. In the past, we actually did recommend Urbandale to two of our friends, and they also have had / are having a rough time during the process. It was hard to explain all the details in this survey. I would recommend that the builder reach out to us so we can share the details of what happened, and maybe some lessons would be learned. Thanks!

The Creek Singles Phase 1, March 2023


Review of Overall Experience

More attention to detail, and quality control! Urbandale did not seem to care to present the home to the customer clean or complete. Many concerns brought up even at the electrical walk through stage. Using Covid as an Excuse to rush and limit appointments at every stage. Appointments by pictures instead of in person would have been disastrous as they wanted . More transparency needed. Too much of the 2 year process was covered up with false promises that I had to repeatedly encounter. Two months after closing all my appliances are still in boxes or being replaced. I am still not cooking because my kitchen was built correctly. Each trade blaming each other for problems at each in house appointments. And my all plumbing appliances installed were damaged from a Backwards builder installed water softener. Still using laundry services. Never should have happened. Day one I told them the black in my water shouldn’t be there. The ceiling walls and floor and stonetops were the best parts of the house. They are all now damaged from kitchen and plumbing repairs. The house has aged by +5 years in the last month. They have been very focused on “getting the house liveable”. But I’m doubtful the house will ever look new.