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RVS, October 2019


Liked Most

We appreciated working with Francesca (DC) and Kathleen (Sales). They were great knowledgeable employees that helped throughout the generally painful experience.

Would Change

House not ready for PDI, numerous items (100+) on PDI & 30 day, no communication or schedule to address deficiencies, poor overall communication from Urbandale, lack of commitment to building a quality home, delivery over 5 months late.

ALC, October 2019


Liked Most

The hope that they respect and uphold their motto: ''Expect a Higher Standard''and correct these deficiencies rapidly and to satisfaction of the homeowner; once the experience is completed; a decision can be made with respect to recommending Urbandale to others. Francesca Osso from the design centre was wonderful to work with , knowledgeable, friendly and reliable.

Would Change

Deliver a home that is completed, multiple deficiencies yet to be corrected from PDI. Moved to a condo after living through three major house renovations, despite being brand new...will still have to contend with both bathrooms and entry being torn apart and redone. The home was received without a reasonably decent cleaning, in fact cleaners were present in the condo on the day we received our keys and prevented entry onto wet floors.Hours were spent scraping compound off floors and windows after move in. The tile work throughout is amateurish and grossly poor and embarrassingly inadequate in every area it was installed! Shameful waste of significant amount of upgraded tiles throughout now to be torn out: 2 different colours of grout used for each area tiled in shower and tub surround; jagged cuts; uneven grouting; uneven floors....large gaps filled with grout; uneven tile spacing. Ceiling wall compound not sanded and just painted over in select areas...Electrical switch missing in master and outlet missing in master ensuite double vanity sink..... Exterior balcony incomplete, significant window interior water leak 2 days after move in date.......cabinets incomplete, wrong size installed......mirrors incorrectly installed......Lastly, know your target market: mostly seniors or middle aged who are experienced homeowners with expectations of ''higher standards''.