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Tuscany Pines, April 2019


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Better landscaping & more carpet chsicos

Brooktree, March 2019


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All in all for a production home so far I am pleased. Please keep putting insulation between interior walls. That for me is a huge sell feature and I think it makes a difference. Also the double wall construction is a huge plus. So many builders are going single wall. I think it does make a difference. The single story ranch plans are great. One more important actually really really important thing you might do on future 1643 plan is make that master bedroom door at least a 2-8 wide. I have a very beautiful hickory airmore that was intended for a bedroom set that would not fit into the bedroom because its a 2-6 wide. A 2-8 it would have made it. When you go down a dead end hallway kick that master bedroom door out to at least a 2-8. So now the airmore is part of the living room.

Would Change

I would provide more with RV parking. Or if a lot has the space beside the house design it for RV parking. The hose bib / vacume breaker set up in the garage has to go. Myself as well as neighbor when you turn on the water with a hose hooked up. When you shut off the hose it dumps water inside the garage. I have since fixed it. I got rid of the vacume breaker. But for someone who is not handy or has a construction background this just makes no sense. I would go back to locating hose bibs outside the garage. Also just a heads up. when you walk in bare feet in the master bath from the tile to carpet in the bedroom and master bed closet you feel the tack strip underneath.