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Saddlestone, October 2020


Review of Overall Experience

The whole process was smooth and seamless with a great little house in which everything works perfectly, craftsmanship is great. We love our little house in Sisters

Hawley Estates, October 2020


Review of Overall Experience

Although I was using my own personal realtor, I found it odd that I'd never met Megan until the day I moved in when she was walking through the neighborhood. She didn't make me feel like I was valued as a customer. Any interaction I had with her, or through my realtor to her felt unpleasant and demanding. Everything had to be done in a rush. Considering how I supplied a cash earnest as well as a down payment after putting an offer in the same day, I was hoping to have a little wiggle room in terms of decisions made for the home. I was mistaken and was repeatedly told that it's either too late or that things would cost extra. I'm aware that some things weren't able to be changed, but the fence was a large fiasco. When I'd inquired about a fence and getting it installed in the yard, Megan repeatedly emailed asking about an answer because "contractors were digging hole fence posts as we speak". That was a blatant lie. To get to my parents house, I'd drive by the property on a daily basis, and from the road, I could see no contractors and no fence posts when it was a huge issue to have a response and a check that day. Megan stated that a check was needed to secure the fence before it'd be built in case I'd back out on my offer, but when I'd spoken to Isaac, I believe that he'd said something along the lines of a fence being included? I could be wrong on that. Regardless, I don't appreciate Megan's pushiness and dishonesty to get something done that wasn't necessarily pressing. However, when I needed to speak with her, she was very responsive. The other big issue I have is the lack of care when it came to giving out the contractor lockbox combination. I was unloading groceries, a realtor had unlocked my door to show my home. It was Shay, who I know isn't a relator for Woodhill, but she'd used the contractors lockbox to get in. I'm thankful my boyfriend was home with me at the time because there were FOUR people walking into my home. I was assured by Megan that no one should have combination aside from contractors, but that clearly was not the case. I don't know how a mistake like this is made, but it left me uneasy for a while. Before this happened, there was another instance where people tried to enter my home, but had no success. I understand that my home was used as a model for a time period, but it should've been explicitly stated when it was not for that purpose anymore. Overall, I'm very happy with my home, but the overall experience was nothing short of underwhelming. Additionally, Isaac has made me a little uncomfortable with details regarding his personal life when I've asked for assistance on a few things at my house.. I also find it weird that there' no ceiling light in the master bedroom, and that was never discussed during the walkthrough phase.