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North Texas, February 2023


Review of Overall Experience

Jodi was easy to work with and very personable.

Parker, February 2023


Review of Overall Experience

When starting the process, be prepared to spend lots of time at the sales office. Double check your blueprints and verify outlets and switches are in correct locations. Also, one thing we were concerned with is the exterior doors on the back of the house, whether covered or not, open to the outside. This would not have been our choice but we don’t believe it was pointed out to us. The home is very solid and well-built. Some of the processes that we had to go through to make changes during the build, or have items repaired during the build, were at times, frustrating and challenging. We were fortunate to have Call as the builder on our job. Call worked tirelessly to get issues corrected. Don’t be in a hurry to get it built! There were many weeks of no activity and some weeks turned into months. Be vigilant in overseeing the work. We had an issue with grout work on floors where workers neglected to clean properly and we are still scraping grout off of the tile on our floors. Also an item not noticed until closing day was an issue with decorative tile in the master shower. The grout work and tile installation was extremely uneven. This issue is still not resolved. One item that we do disagree with is the fact that no additional work is to be performed on the house until you sign off on the closing papers. We actually had to get approval from Tilson to build a retaining wall at the end of our home, where we had approximately 5 feet of backfill so that the foundation could be laid . Observation of other building sites, we believe the retaining wall should have been built before the foundation was laid.