• There are comprehensive customer loyalty programs, and there are average survey services. One exacts success, the other might suggest change. More than surveys, you need powerful tools, smart guidance and keen insight to cultivate and keep loyal home buyers. Real nuts and bolts strategy, with experts to help you put it together and make it happen.
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Avid Ratings is a full-service customer engagement and loyalty management firm specializing in the home building industry. As a leading provider of enterprise-level surveys, organizational strategies, employee training, and interactive media marketing solutions, Avid works with more than 2,800 publicly and privately held home building companies throughout the United States and Canada.

Founded in 1992 as an innovative home buyer satisfaction research firm, our clients continue to benefit from the best surveys in the industry and the largest, most comprehensive customer experience database in North America. 

Social Network Integration
Social networks like Facebook and Twitter have become powerful tools for disseminating information quickly across a vast number of people. Avid has developed a way to leverage this power for spreading good words about good builders.
Search Engine Marketing
Google and Yahoo reign supreme when it comes to researching homes. Being at or near the top of search results is important for awareness, but it’s key information that will get a buyer to take a more serious look at a you.
Interactive Home Tours
Over 70% of home buyers young and older report using the Internet first to research the homes they’d purchased. GoTour™ is changing the way in which today’s homes and home products are marketed to those people.


  • Rausch Coleman

    “We are pumped. Avid 3.0 is a great tool for us and helps us to address specific gaps in product and process. We love it!”

  • Brookfield Homes

    “Avid 3.0 is a great suite of programs. GoSurvey really allows those that still focus on customer service to stand out from the competition!”

  • Jayman

    “Avid never ceases to amaze me about how the firm is continually advancing the residential housing industry. Avid 3.0 is a superb product and the information is marketing gold. This is not only a little bit better product, but a quantum improvement in the market.”

  • Portrait Homes

    “This is effective. We see the results in our web metrics and in the sales models. GoTour is setting the table for our sales and design teams to sit down with serious buyers. We’re looking forward to continued success using this outstanding tool.”

  • Kings way

    “We've all viewed GoTour and it is awesome. It's on our website now. We are very happy with the results. The next model we plan to open is the parade home in Woodridge Estates, Delafield.”

  • WBI Home Warranty

    “I recently had the opportunity to discuss the value of the Avid GoSurvey program with one of our multi-family builder members… From WBI’s perspective this is clearly a win/win situation. Keep up the good work Avid!”

  • Blanket Home Warranty

    “Blanket Home Warranty always strives to align our warranty program with trusted industry leaders. No other firm understands the home buying experience better than Avid Ratings, and we are proud to be working with them.”

  • Portrait Homes

    “Paul (Cardis) has assembled a great team of dedicated and innovative people that are passionate about their products and services. Avid is an important part of Portrait Homes' strategy to constantly measure and improve customer satisfaction and willingness to refer.”

  • Mattamy Homes

    “Avid has been critical to our company’s success in delighting its customers and growing our reputation for building quality homes.”

  • Newmark Homes Houston

    “My Avid team rocks! I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate the fact that you all are always willing to help me when I call. Everyone I have worked with is both knowledgeable and willing to assist me when needed.”

  • Hayden Homes

    “Your site is very easy to navigate. I work with several other sites, such as Google Analytics and yours is definitely the best.”

  • Estes Builders

    “I always marvel at how you always have your finger on the pulse of homebuilding’s main customer service issues and can articulate that in a manner that makes sense to all of us. We are avid fans of Avid. You have made our business better.”

  • Veridian Homes

    “You guys are head and shoulders above everything out there. We investigated your competitors and they don't hold a candle to Avid. Keep up the great work. You’re a big part of our success.”

  • Mattamy Homes

    It (Avid Reports) is very clear, easy to read.

  • Minto Homes

    “At Minto Communities, it was a big decision for us to change survey providers to Avid Ratings. Their benchmarking capability, combined with the ability to customize our surveys, the amazing online reporting functionality, and an exceptional level of customer service, made Avid Ratings the clear choice for us.”

  • Quality Homes

    “Easy to navigate and understand. Easy to get at our data. Excellent Technical Support.”

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Avid Ratings
A recent Pardee Homes - Los Angeles homebuyer in Moorpark Highlands, Moorpark CA commented: GOOD VALUE AND SPACE FOR MONEY PAID.

* Surveys are conducted by a third party, Avid Ratings, which incentivizes customers to provide candid and valid customer reviews.

April 13 at 10:49am
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Avid Ratings
A recent Pardee Homes - Las Vegas homebuyer in Eldorado Ridge, North Las Vegas NV commented: I love the large rooms in my house. Everything is so spacious and open.

* Surveys are conducted by a third party, Avid Ratings, which incentivizes customers to provide candid and valid customer reviews.

April 13 at 9:56am
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Avid Ratings
A recent Pardee Homes - Inland Empire homebuyer in Amberleaf, Lake Elsinore CA commented: Their attention to detail is such a positive reflection on the builder. You would think this was their home as their standards were so high.

* Surveys are conducted by a third party, Avid Ratings, which incentivizes customers to provide candid and valid customer reviews.

April 13 at 9:38am
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Avid Ratings
A recent Nathan Carlisle Homes * homebuyer in Savannah, Fort Smith AK commented: this has been a good working experince with great people who care and want to build the best home they can.

Avid Ratings is an independent customer satisfaction research company.

April 13 at 9:18am
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