AvidCX Background

Imagine a world where HomeQuality® mattered before you decided to buy a home.

Today’s customers approach homebuying from many angles and demand a lot of information. The advent of internet marketing, as well as immediate accessibility to information across multiple social networks and digital platforms, has changed the way people make purchases – from groceries to furniture to homes. From the moment customers start shopping, they expect data, customer reviews, photos and virtual tours. These tools provide crucial metrics by which customers now make decisions on all of their major purchases.

AvidCX is quite simply the finest suite of customer experience tools designed specifically for the building industry. The three powerful tools work together to allow you to dramatically improve customer engagement, measure your success, and promote your products and services.

GoTour engages customers with detailed virtual tours and technology-enhanced model home tours.
GoSurvey collects and stores vital, actionable data from customer experiences and reviews.
GoSocial plugs your trustworthy, positive reviews into social media to attract clients toward your homes. Social networking, like word-of-mouth recommendations, provides an important foundation for internet marketing. Within trusted communities, shares and likes help boost your company.

“We hired Avid about a year and a half ago when we realized the survey we were using prior was really just scratching the surface of the information we were trying to get out of our customers. We really wanted to know more about what they liked about the home, what they liked about the process, and then getting into the products we were using. Avid gave us the opportunity to really dig in and know where we were succeeding and know where we were failing in far more detail than we were getting before.”

Michael Rosenberg
Acadia Homes & Neighborhoods