Our flagship product, AvidCX, is the first-ever 360º platform that measures and analyzes each step in the homebuyer journey, providing homebuilders deep insights and feedback at every customer touchpoint.

AvidCX™ Dashboard

Homebuyer Feedback & Insights

Great customer experiences start with great data and AvidCX captures more of what’s important. Leveraging a breadth of fully customizable customer feedback tools, the platform allows homebuilders to measure, monitor & optimize the comprehensive customer experience from homebuyer to homeowner.

AvidCX measures every step of the homebuyer journey:

  • Sales
  • Design
  • Construction
  • Closing
  • Post Close & Warranty

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Homebuilder Benchmarking

AvidCX™ has the most extensive homebuilding benchmark data in the industry. Whether you’re looking to improve your construction processes, streamline your sales and marketing efforts, or simply stay up-to-date on industry trends, our platform provides the best builder tools and benchmarking data in the space.

AvidCX Platform Send Reviews to Zillow and Google

Ratings and Reviews

AvidCX™ is the only platform uniquely designed for homebuilders to generate, manage, and curate customer reviews on both Google and Zillow, streamlining the entire review process through every step of the home buying journey.
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Digital Dashboard

The AvidCX™ digital dashboard is a powerful tool to help builders stay on top of their performance. Customizable for every employee with real-time data and interactive visualizations, our dashboards give homebuilders a clear and comprehensive view of key metrics, allowing informed decisions to be made with confidence.

Unmatched Technology & Security

AvidCX™ leverages responsive technology for optimized web & mobile experiences, enterprise-level data encryption to protect privacy, and web server instances and content delivery networks across the globe to ensure fast, scalable, and reliable services.


AvidCX™ integrates with key business systems to create effortless and automated sharing of data. Easily see AvidCX data and insights directly inside the platforms builders use everyday, including Salesforce, MarkSystems, Sales Simplicity and others.

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