Monitoring your Trades in Company Aspect

1 min readPublished On: April 24, 2017

You are keeping track of your company’s performance in a timely manner and viewing the data by community in Company Aspect. Did you know you can break down the data even further to monitor your trades? By providing the information with your closings, you can drill down into the data by Plumber, by Trim Carpenter, by Flooring Installer, etc. Here is how:
1. Log into Avid Reports using your Login ID and password.

2. Click on “Company Aspect” by either using the CrossLink or going to Reports Menu – Company Aspect.

3. Once in Company Aspect, go to the “Drilldown” menu to the left of the screen and select a trade field to analyze. NOTE: You will also want to select a question from the Question menu that is related to the field you select.

4. Click “Update Report” to run the Drilldown analysis.

5. Your report will now display a different segment of the data. This will allow you to monitor and evaluate each of your trades and see real-time data of performance.

6.  BONUS: Adjust your criteria in the orange shaded section at the top of the page, month after month, quarter after quarter to monitor trades specifically over time.