The Avid Advisor Program

2.2 min readPublished On: August 7, 2017

by Mark Hodges
Greetings Avid readers! As a relatively new (and proud) member of the Avid team, I’d like to tell you a bit more about the Avid Advisor Program, of which I am the newest member.
You are likely already familiar with Avid’s industry-leading array of offerings, including GoSurvey, GoTour and GoSocial. Thanks to the valuable customer experience information gathered by GoSurvey, clients discover where they excel and where improvements can be made. Avid’s expertise in obtaining and analyzing customer feedback is unmatched.
Wisely, the Avid team recognized that, in addition to providing a comprehensive understanding of your customer satisfaction via Avid Reports, we need to advise clients on addressing any improvement opportunities that may be identified. To do so, Avid has engaged homebuilding professionals available to assist clients in process improvements and activities to directly impact their customer experience.

Clark Ellis, founder and CEO of Continuum Advisory Group, is an Avid Advisor with broad expertise in helping homebuilders align their processes to the needs of staff, trade partners and suppliers, as they work together to build high quality homes while reducing waste and rework, all focused on creating the best possible customer experience. A “process expert”, Clark and his team help Avid clients map processes, identify inefficiencies and waste, and correct performance gaps that cause customer dissatisfaction.

Jason Forrest, founder and president of Forrest Performance Group, is a well-established expert at the sales and customer relationship management processes that create great customer experiences from the first visit to long after closing. Jason and his team help Avid clients refine customer communications, consult with company leaders on cultural change management, provide sales training and a host of other professional services.
With over 30 years of experience as Senior VP of Corporate Operations for Hovnanian Enterprises, one of the nation’s largest homebuilders, I led the effort to improve the company’s customer satisfaction ratings from a low of 78% to 95% “willing to recommend”. I can help Avid clients identify gaps that negatively affect customer experience and create solutions that will improve results.

Avid Advisors help clients in many ways. We participate in reviewing Avid Reports, help identify root causes of poor ratings and provide recommendations to address them. When challenges become more complex, we can be engaged to conduct site visits, meet with your team and develop a comprehensive plan to address issues that lead to dissatisfied customers. We can also help facilitate the implementation of any measures that may be needed.
If you’d like to learn more about how Avid’s Advisors can help your company significantly improve customer experience, please contact your Avid Client Success representative to connect you with the appropriate Avid Advisor.