What Homeowners Look for in a Remodeler or Renovator

5.1 min readPublished On: October 7, 2020

Choosing a remodeling or renovating professional can be a stressful decision for homeowners. Put yourself in their shoes for a moment… They’re looking for someone who is great at doing something they don’t know how to do, so how do they know who’s actually great?

That’s why most homeowners consider about three bids, and that’s after they’ve narrowed down their choices. So how do you stand out from the competition?

Be the kind of remodeling company homeowners are looking for.

Factors homeowners consider when choosing a remodeler

Here are seven important factors homeowners consider when choosing a remodeler:

Companies that their friends, family, and neighbors recommend

First and foremost, homeowners are going to look for remodeling companies that people they know have used and recommend. Giving money to someone to tear up pieces of their home and put it back together is a process that requires a lot of trust, so people want to feel comfortable with who they’re working with.

Good remodelers will generate positive recommendations organically. Leveraging your happy customers is a great strategy to get more. Try running a referral marketing program to help spread the word that you provided a great experience and come highly recommended.

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Companies with all the credentials

This should go without saying that homeowners are going to want a remodeler with all the state and local licenses, a great BBB rating, and ideally a designation from a professional association such as The National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI), the National Association of Professionally Accredited Contractors (NAPAC), or the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA).

Make sure your designations, licenses, and certifications are on your website and easy to find, so homeowners don’t have to do any digging.

Companies with authentic online reviews and high ratings

After homeowners explore referrals, the second place most will go to find a remodeler is online. Online reviews give homeowners a number of signals that help them identify if you’re a remodeling company they can trust, including:

  • How many reviews you have: Consumers only trust a company’s online rating if they have at least 40 reviews.
  • How many reviews are positive: Only 53% of consumers would consider a business with less than a 4-star rating.
  • How many reviews are negative: 95% of consumers are suspicious of a star rating when there are no negative reviews.
  • How you respond to negative reviews: 45% of consumers say they’re more likely to visit a business that responds to negative reviews, and 89% of consumers read those responses.

Many homeowners will be looking at your Google reviews (roughly 64%), but don’t neglect your social media reviews either. Facebook is the second leading site for reviews worldwide at 19% and Yelp at 6.6%.

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Companies willing to provide references

Homeowners may contact you asking to see some of your most recent jobs and ask for references of past customers. They’re looking for information about you from your customers’ personal experiences (and sometimes your sub-contractors’ experiences too) – and they want it directly from the source. 

They may inquire about: quality of work and materials used, time management, professionalism, cost-effectiveness, and other possible red flags. You should have some references available to readily provide any homeowners who ask for them. Your willingness to share these will help boost your credibility.

Companies with a busier schedule

While this isn’t always the case – some seasons are simply slower than others – some homeowners are going to want a remodeler that is busy. Why? Because it tells them you’re in-demand; Which to them, says you’re likely more reputable and experienced. While you can’t always control your schedule, don’t be afraid to let potential customers know you have a longer wait time if business is booming.

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Companies that show off their work

If you don’t have a photo gallery on your website and social media platforms you could be missing out on business opportunities without even realizing it. People want to see real-life examples of your work and if you don’t have them, that could turn them away. Post those stunning new kitchen and bathroom photos with pride! And be sure to show the before and afters. Homeowners want to see how you can transform a space, so they can envision how you would design theirs.

Customer testimonials are another really great way to show off your work in video format. Ask your customers to film a video of themselves in their newly remodeled space and have them talk about all the things they love and how great their experience was. Leads will get a walk-through (just like an HGTV show!) and they can hear a first-hand account which can help break down some resistance to moving forward.

Companies that are easy to contact and communicate with

Poor communication is one of the biggest downfalls for the building industry. Before homeowners even speak directly with you they should have a no-brainer time finding your business information and getting in touch. Your contact details should be easily accessible somewhere on the front page like in the top menu or in the footer. Give them multiple options to contact you like calling, emailing, and filling out an online form.

Also, make sure that you have someone dedicated to fielding phone calls. Depending on the homeowner’s level of interest in you, they may move on to another company they’re considering if you don’t pick up the first time. Once the first contact is made with a new lead respond in a timely manner and keep communication consistent.

The fundamental question

What homeowners are essentially searching for in all of these factors is the data to decide if they can trust you. If you do everything to show them they can, they won’t have too many reasons not to hire you.

Want to be a remodeler that
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