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Avid ratings is an exciting technology and data company that is changing the way new homes are bought and sold across North America. Buying a home is the most expensive purchase a person will make in their lifetime, and at Avid Ratings we make sure that that process goes well and the materials that are used are of the highest quality. By joining our team you will be able to contribute to our mission of being the most valuable resource for building quality information in the world.

We currently have openings for the following positions:

  • Client Success Manager
  • IT Project Manager
  • Senior Level Web Developer – Angular JS
  • .Net/SQL Applications Developer
  • Video Editor

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What Makes Us Unique
Avid Ratings is a blend of many different companies we are first and foremost and technology company with deep roots in the latest in technology that is affecting our world. We are also a marketing company in that we help companies represent their high-quality to the world matching great products great companies with customers. Lastly, we are a data company that has strong roots in statistics mathematics and big data models. So I doubt it you’re never bored because there’s lots of places to go lots of things to do and a wonderful opportunity in front of us.  


Work With Us
We’re a smart, diverse and close-knit group of creative problem solvers. We value personal growth, happiness, and family in addition to being a successful organization. Avid has been a leader in promoting the ethics of customer reviews, working with the highest levels of government on legislation and is well in industry associations to promote honorable  customer review practices. We believe in the ethical business model, one that improves society and everyone that it touches, while attaining financial growth. While we may not have a keg of beer at each of our three office locations in North America, we do have a fun and more importantly care about each other. Besides a friendly watering hole is always easy to find. We look forward to sharing more about what we do and hopefully adding the best and brightest to our dynamic team.