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Powerful Survey Tools and Data for Homebuilders

AvidCX™ brings homebuilders cutting-edge survey tools and comprehensive data collection that empower you at every stage of the home buyer journey. Gain priceless insights, boost satisfaction, improve your efficiency, and drive more business.

AvidCX Dashboard

54% of consumers believe that most companies have customer experience shortcomings they need to address (PwC).

AvidCX Homebuilder Survey Response Data

Capture, Analyze, and Act on Homebuyer Feedback

Our survey tools span the entire homeowner journey, from initial sales inquiries to post-purchase warranty support.

Harness the power of homeowner feedback like never before. Effortlessly capture, benchmark, analyze, and implement valuable insights. From the very first sales inquiry to post-purchase warranty support, our solutions are tailored to elevate your customer satisfaction and drive improved performance.

More than 75% of surveyed executives mention customer experience is a top priority for their business.

Easily Generate Actionable Information.

Make informed, data-driven decisions based on instant feedback.

We’ve simplified the process of creating surveys to help you gather valuable insights faster and easier. With our platform’s user-friendly tools and intuitive templates, putting those insights into practice is simple.

AvidCX Survey Builder Tool

On average, customer-centric brands report 60% higher profits than companies that fail to focus on great customer experiences (CXIndex).

AvidCX Real-Time Homebuilder Data

Drive New Home Sales With Real-Time, Proprietary Data.

Easily analyze your survey data, identify trends and benchmark against the best builders in the industry.

Our solution fuels your success by providing the means to effortlessly analyze and organize your survey data, helping you spot customer trends and compare your latest performance to the industry averages. Make informed decisions and drive more sales with AvidCX™.

“There is no downside to time, effort, thought, or brainstorming… put [towards] improving customer experience” (Rocky Tracy, Builder Showcase).

Skyrocket Your Response Rates.

Achieve industry-leading response rates with our multichannel survey requests.

Our automated outreach connects with customers during the moments when they’re most likely to respond. Leverage their feedback like never before and unlock a world of valuable new strategies with AvidCX™.

Customer experiences have an undeniable impact on every business’ bottom line (CustomerTHINK).


How easy is it to work with the AvidCX™ reports and dashboards?2023-12-04T18:55:14+00:00

AvidCX™ offers a highly configurable platform that adapts to various homebuilder needs, from executive-level overviews to detailed divisional, departmental and individual analyses. Our user-friendly interface features intuitive dashboards and visualizations, making it easy to identify trends at every level of your organization. This versatility ensures that whether for strategic decision-making or individual performance tracking, AvidCX™ delivers clear, meaningful and actionable insights.

Can the AvidCX™ survey data be integrated into our current systems and processes?2023-11-28T03:10:08+00:00

Yes, integrating the AvidCX™ survey data directly into the homebuilder systems you use everyday is a seamless process.  We have pre-configured integrations with Salesforce, ECI MarkSystems Homebuilder Software and other key builder platforms.  Our team will work closely with you to ensure a smooth and effective integration process.

What type of insights can we expect to receive from the survey data?2023-11-28T02:49:35+00:00

The AvidCX™ platform is the most customizable survey platform in the industry.  The survey data can provide actionable insights into various aspects of your business, such as customer satisfaction, areas for improvement, top performing employees, trends in homeowner feedback, and benchmark comparisons against other builders.  You’ll gain a deeper understanding of what matters most both for prospective homebuyers and existing homeowners.

Who else in the industry is using the AvidCX™ survey platform?2023-11-28T02:44:29+00:00

AvidCX™ is trusted by many of the leading homebuilders in North America.  Our tools have been adopted by homebuilders that prioritize creating exceptional homebuyer experiences and continuous improvement.  Join our community of forward-thinking builders and elevate your builder brand with AvidCX™.

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