Another Successful Avid Awards in the Books!

1.5 min readPublished On: July 15, 2016

Dear Readers,
I am delighted to share the winners of the 2016 Avid Awards, Best Home Building Experience in North America, which were announced during a special presentation this week. What makes this award so special is the fact that Avid Ratings adheres to the most comprehensive survey of customer satisfaction, with the most home builders (not remodelers or trades, 1,445 builders) in both U.S. and Canada. The Avid GoSurvey program examines over 75 data points covering both service and home quality, meaning that builders are held to the highest standard of home building performance, not just for providing a nice smile to customers. Avid clients are evaluated on home design, trade performance, home products installed, and the services provided by each department. Additionally, Avid only awards companies that score in the top 25% of our national databases in both U.S. and Canada, no participation trophies, and that is what makes the Avid Award so special. My wife recently asked me after previewing the Avid Awards Presentation, “Would we build with one of these winners?” I said, absolutely! In fact, unbeknownst to her we already did! We built a home with Avid Award winner Blandford Homes in 2005. While it has been over 10 years ago and things aren’t perfect (all homes need maintenance), we still enjoy the quality we were provided with NO MAJOR issues to date.
In this era, where fraudulent reviews are rampant and our competitors are selling unsuspecting builders programs that allow them to gloss over true quality, and in many cases fabricate their customer satisfaction performance (see “Reviews Gone Bad” in BUILDER), Avid Ratings and the Avid Award stand alone in their integrity and our clients excel because of it.
Congratulations to this year’s Avid Award Winners! You are the leaders that make us all better.
Yours Truly,