21st Annual Avid Awards Recognize Leading Canadian Builders for Outstanding Homebuyer Satisfaction

4.1 min readPublished On: May 14, 2024

MADISON, Wis. (May 13, 2024) – Avid Ratings Canada is delighted to reveal the recipients of the 21st Annual Avid Awards, which honour top-performing builders who deliver exceptional customer experiences throughout Canada. Each year, the esteemed awards recognize homebuilders with the highest scores associated with our homebuying customer experience surveys. The selection process considers results from major publicly traded builders, Canada’s largest private builders, and numerous small volume and custom builders across the continent. This year, 462 qualifying North American builders participated in the program which analyzed homebuyer data from January to December 2023.


Tim Bailey, Chief Strategy Officer of Avid Ratings, stated, “These award-winning homebuilders consistently surpass customer expectations through their dedication and continual focus on the customer experience. Their tireless efforts and focus on client satisfaction have set them apart as industry leaders.” He continued, “We’re honoured to recognize the 21st Annual Avid Award winners for their unwavering commitment to excellence in homebuilding, which serves as a benchmark for the entire industry.”


The Avid Awards serve as a reliable indicator of customer service quality in the homebuilding sector. Since 1992, Avid Ratings has played a pivotal role in increasing transparency regarding builder performance based on consumer feedback. To determine the Avid Award recipients, homebuilders are assessed using Avid’s proprietary platform. Every homebuyer survey in the database is examined to calculate each builder’s overall rating. Avid’s New Home Experience surveys gather comprehensive homebuyer feedback, offering unparalleled insights into overall satisfaction, referral likelihood, actual recommendations, and strategic customer experience diagnostics for homebuilders.


To receive an Avid Award, each winning builder must achieve a score within or above the top 25th percentile across their Canadian-based counterparts.


Avid Diamond Award 

Builders with the highest scores in their nation on the New Home Move-In Experience Survey, taken from the first 90 days of homeownership, are recognized with this award. The US and Canada are eligible for one award each for Production, Custom, and Small Volume builder categories.

Avid Diamond Award winners in Canada are as follows: 

  • Production: Granite Homes – Multi-Family

Receiving the award for Highest Customer Ratings in Canada is a huge honour and a testament to Granite Homes’ unwavering commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. It symbolizes not just our team’s success, but also the trust and happiness of our valued homeowners. This achievement inspires us to continually raise the bar, delivering exceptional experiences and ensuring that every home we build exceeds our customers’ expectations.  – Christine Barker, Granite Homes

  • Custom: Five Star Homes

Last year was a challenging journey for Five Star Homes as we were navigating the loss of our founder. His vision and dedication to the customer experience will always be our priority. As we accept our 4th consecutive AVID award for the highest customer service ratings at the national level, we’d like to express our deepest gratitude to our suppliers, team members and our customers. This award means we’re building a legacy of respect and responsibility in this industry.”  – Isha Bassi, Five Star Homes

  • Small Volume: Rinaldi Homes


Avid Gold Award 

This award is presented to builders with the highest scores in their region on the New Home Move-In Experience Survey, taken from the first 90 days of homeownership. Every province is eligible for one award each for Production, Custom, and Small Volume builder categories.

Avid Gold Award winners in the Canadian provinces are as follows:

Province of Alberta

  • Production: Minto Communities, Calgary
  • Small Volume: Calbridge Homes – Multi-family

Province of British Columbia

  • Production: Foxridge Homes, Vancouver
  • Custom: Everton Ridge
  • Small Volume: Miracon Developments

Province of Ontario 

  • Production: Mountainview Building Group
  • Small Volume: Brookfield Residential, Ontario

Province of Saskatchewan

  • Production: North Ridge, Saskatoon – Multi-family
  • Custom: Deneschuk Homes
  • Small Volume: North Ridge, Regina – Single Family


Avid Benchmark Award

This award recognizes any US or Canadian builder scoring among the top 25% of Avid’s nationwide databases on the New Home Move-In Experience survey, taken from the first 90 days of homeownership.

The winners of the Avid Benchmark Award in Canada are as follows:

Anthem Properties – Single Family

Brookfield Edmonton – Single Family

eQ Homes

Granite Homes – Multi-family

Homes by Dream, Regina

Laebon Developments

Northridge, Regina – Multi-family

Northridge, Saskatoon – Multi-family

Winners will receive access to a press kit that will include the official Avid Award badge that employees may display in their email signature and on their letterhead. 

For more information about the Avid Awards, please visit here.

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