Award-winning Branthaven Homes, known for building “modern architectural gems” for eager homeowners, wanted to understand their customers on a deeper level. The Branthaven team recognized that providing a superior customer experience would propel their upward trajectory, ensuring happy customers and a thriving business for years to come. However, their in-house customer survey methods were too basic, failing to provide the depth of insight needed to benefit the business in a real way.

Avid Surveys Provides Invaluable Customer Experience Insight

Branthaven turned to Avid: recognized industry-wide as the gold standard for customer experience management. Says Andrea Peckart, Branthaven’s VP of Homeowner Relations, “We chose Avid because they’re uniquely focused on the homebuilding industry. Also, Avid’s survey tool goes beyond generating hard, numerical data, giving us access to customer comments that provide a detailed view of the customer experience.”

Peckart also credits Avid’s surveys with helping Branthaven gain deeper insight into the products they use. “When it comes to say, wireless doorbells,” says Peckart, “we can track the brands that are performing well — or even see if customers like the product in general.” It’s this type of granular detail that Branthaven needs (and Avid’s survey readily provides) in order to nudge the builder’s bottom line.

Facilitating Internal and External Communication

Avid surveys also serve as a key communication tool, giving Branthaven team members the opportunity to respond to customer comments directly. This feature helps Branthaven propel a customer-centric business model, while no doubt engendering positive sentiment and loyalty to the brand. As for internal communication? Avid surveys play a crucial role there, too. If Peckart were to pick her favorite survey feature, it would be the ease with which the Branthaven team can communicate survey results and insights internally. “It’s very easy and efficient to send survey-generated data and reports to different departments throughout Branthaven,” says Peckart. “This makes the insights very actionable.”

Avid’s Impact in One Word

When asked what impact Avid has made on Branthaven’s business, Peckart replies simply: “considerable impact.” And this impact extends beyond increased customer satisfaction and a growing bottom line. “Avid has helped improve our company culture,” says Peckart. “It helps to create a positive culture, in which good reviews and comments are shared and celebrated.”



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