Award-winning Vancouver homebuilder, Miracon, recognized a missing piece in the homebuilding industry among its competitors – an excellent customer service experience from start to finish. Seeking to understand their customers and differentiate from other builders, Miracon seized an opportunity to gather in-depth, transparent insights into the wants and needs of their buyers. With Avid Ratings’ survey tools, Miracon saw customer experience and key process improvements across their organization.


Why Miracon Chose Avid Ratings

Miracon’s readiness to stand out in the homebuilding industry as customer service leaders and Avid’s reputation among fellow builders were leading factors in Miracon’s decision to partner with Avid. “[Avid has] a big market share and brand awareness when it comes to our specific industry,” said Ryan O’Shea, Vice President of Miracon. “We also had a recommendation from another builder who works in our region and area, who said they use Avid and have seen a positive effect on their business.” Miracon recognized an
opportunity to step up their processes and improve customer relationships by understanding what their homebuyers want, and have done exactly that with the data Avid has provided.


Survey Data Drives CX Changes

By implementing Avid surveys, Miracon discovered critical areas to improve. “It’s [survey feedback] given us direct access and view to how the customer feels about their experience, really from a holistic perspective. So right from sales, through to the delivery of the product, and then the post-delivery customer experience,” said Ron Enns, Director of Operations/Customer Care of Miracon. “That was important to us. We wanted to know how our customers felt about each segment of their experience… particularly how we delivered, then met and managed their expectations…” With this observation, the Miracon team began focusing on “creating a memorable experience” for each customer and their hard work has produced an exceptional outcome.


Key Consumer Insights Produce Big Results

Miracon’s mission was to create more meaningful relationships with their buyers and this year, they won the 17th Annual Avid Diamond Award – recognized as a top builder with the highest customer rating scores in Canada. Avid’s data allowed Miracon to identify valuable market opportunities to stand out. Their favorite dashboard feature – comparison of themselves to peers and the top 10% – showed them what was happening in the marketplace locally and at a national level.



Headquarters: Surrey, BC

Founded: 2014

Number of Employees: 14

Homes Built Annually: 150

Type of Builder: Single Family and Townhouses

Professional Trade Organizations:
HAVAN (Greater Vancouver Homebuilders Assn)
UDI Pacific Region (Urban Development Institute)

Avid Products Used: Move-In Survey

Number of Users: 9

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“It’s really humbling to get
feedback, because there’s a perception of how you’re doing in terms of the customer’s perspective, and then there’s the reality.”

Ryan O’Shea
Miracon Vice President