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A Centralized Digital Home Information Hub

HomeKeep™ streamlines home data management by replacing clunky binders and outdated paperwork with a sleek, digital system.  It offers homeowners comprehensive round-the-clock access to their home information and contacts, accessible from any device.

Be a part of the digital evolution in homebuilding with HomeKeep™.

Over the last decade, construction has lagged in embracing digital transformation compared to most other sectors — the industry standard is still paper.

An Organized Application That Seamlessly Transitions Buyers to Happy Homeowners

Keep track of appliances, systems, and fixtures in one convenient place.

HomeKeep™ enables effortless cataloging of important details like room-specific paint colors and appliance warranties. This accessible information is just a click or tap away for homeowners, leading to increased satisfaction and an improved homeowner experience. Simultaneously, it reduces the workload for homebuilders, streamlining the post move-in experience for everyone.

A lack of centralized data is the #1 barrier to profitable growth in the construction industry (McKinsey).

Helpful Document and Photo Storage

Ditch the physical clutter and stop hunting for scattered files.

Effortlessly access and manage home-related documents like photos, contracts, manuals, contacts, and receipts with a simple tap or click, eliminating paper clutter. Confirm details seamlessly upon upload and categorize everything logically for easy retrieval and organization.

The construction industry as a whole wastes $15.8 billion annually due to inefficient information management (NIST).

HomeKeep Contacts Management

Easy Contact Management

Connect with relevant contacts faster.

Spare your buyers the hassle of sifting through notebooks or business cards. Homebuilders can now pre-load a tailored list of essential contacts for each homeowner, including relevant post-purchase builder departments, contractors, manufacturers, utility providers, and emergency service numbers.

Reducing buyer calls and customer care issues increases both profitability and homebuyer satisfaction.


What makes HomeKeep™ unique in home data management?2023-12-13T17:55:44+00:00

HomeKeep™ distinguishes itself with a user-friendly interface, comprehensive data management, and customizability for specific homes and homeowners. Its key advantage is allowing builders to preload home data, reducing their workload and simultaneously enhancing the homeowner’s post-move-in experience, making it more enjoyable and less labor-intensive for both parties.

How does HomeKeep™ enhance communication between builders and homeowners?2023-12-13T18:00:24+00:00

HomeKeep™ enhances builder-homeowner communication by offering a centralized digital platform for sharing vital home information and updates. It eliminates the need for cumbersome, outdated paperwork, creating a streamlined and organized digital repository. This not only simplifies communication but also ensures that all relevant home information is easily accessible and efficiently managed.

Is HomeKeep™ accessible on different devices?2023-12-13T17:44:34+00:00

Absolutely, HomeKeep™ is designed to be accessible on various devices, offering flexibility for both builders and homeowners to access information anytime, anywhere.

What types of home data can be uploaded to HomeKeep™?2023-12-13T17:45:38+00:00

HomeKeep™ allows both the homebuilder and buyer to manage a wide range of home data including appliance details, paint colors, warranty information, contacts, system manuals, important home related documents, and more.

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