20th Annual Avid Awards Recognize Leading U.S. Builders for Outstanding Homebuyer Satisfaction

6.1 min readPublished On: April 21, 2023

MADISON, Wis. (April 20, 2023) – Avid Ratings is pleased to announce the recipients of the 20th Annual Avid Awards, honoring top-performing builders who provide outstanding customer experiences in the United States. Each year, these prestigious awards acknowledge homebuilders who achieve the highest scores in our homebuying customer experience surveys. The selection process evaluates results from major publicly traded NYSE/NASDAQ builders, North America’s largest private builders, as well as numerous small-volume and custom builders across the continent. This year, 479 qualifying builders participated in the program, which analyzed homebuyer data from January to December 2022.

Aaron Everson, CEO of Avid Ratings, stated, “We are excited to celebrate our Avid Award winners this year and applaud their commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences. In the face of 2022’s unique challenges, including rapidly shifting market demands, these homebuilders have demonstrated an enduring dedication to meeting the needs of their buyers. Their adaptability and perseverance, coupled with their focus on service excellence, have earned them these well-deserved distinctions.

The Avid Awards serve as a reliable indicator of customer service quality in the homebuilding sector. Since 1992, Avid Ratings has played a pivotal role in increasing transparency regarding builder performance based on consumer feedback. To determine the Avid Award recipients, homebuilders are assessed using Avid’s proprietary platform, AvidCX™. Every homebuyer survey in the database is examined to calculate each builder’s overall rating. Avid’s New Home Experience surveys gather comprehensive homebuyer feedback, offering unparalleled insights into overall satisfaction, likelihood of referral, actual recommendations, and strategic customer experience diagnostics for homebuilders.

To receive an Avid Award, each winning builder must achieve a score within or above the top 25th percentile across their US-based counterparts.

Avid Cup

The Avid Cup recognizes a single builder, across three different categories – Production, Custom, and Small Volume, with the highest customer ratings across all surveys throughout North America, taken throughout the first year of homeownership.

20th Annual Avid Cup winners in the U.S. are as follows:

  • Production – Meritage Homes – S. California
  • Custom – AR Homes® Lake City (Bryan Zecher Homes, Inc.)
  • Small Volume – Alturas Homes

An award like this is a testimony to our team. We have tried our best to put a system in place for the home building process for our customers. And through this, our goal is for them to have great experience using our company and team. And receiving this award is a thank you to our customers for trusting us to experience with them one of their most expensive purchases.” – Bryan Zecher, Franchisee

We are honored for Meritage Homes Southern California to win this year’s AVID Cup Award for the second year in a row! Being recognized for having the highest customer ratings across all surveys in North America is something we treasure and will continue to build on in the future. When we start our days, we have one goal in mind – creating a Life. Built. Better.® Receiving this award is a testament to the effort everyone in our division puts toward this goal. Our talented Sales, Construction and Customer Care teams take great pride in ensuring every homeowner receives an outstanding experience throughout their homebuying journey and to know they recognize and value this dedication is a reward beyond measure. We are grateful to AVID for advocating for customers and providing us with the information we need to be an even better homebuilding partner.” – Doug Campbell, So. California, Director of Customer Care

Avid Diamond Award 

Builders with the highest scores in their nation on the New Home Move-In Experience Survey, taken from the first 90 days of homeownership, are recognized with this award. The US and Canada are eligible for one award each for Production, Custom, and Small Volume builder categories.

Avid Diamond Award winners in the U.S. are as follows: 

  • Brio Design Homes
  • Rausch Coleman Homes – Birmingham
  • Parkside Builders

 “The entire Brio Design Homes and JG Development team is honored to accept this award. We are most grateful to our clients, who took the time to share their honest feedback. Our surveys are key to identifying both successes and areas needing improvement, and they help us recognize our team members for going above and beyond. We will continue to work hard to earn our clients’ trust and exceed their expectations.”  Mary Grundahl, Owner & Integrator, Brio Design Homes

“Our current Avid accomplishments go along with the company motto this year: ‘Trust Excellence’. Proverbs 27:17 is what we work by.”  Jayson Williams, Divisions President – Birmingham, Rausch Coleman Homes

Parkside Builders is honored to win the 20th Annual Avid Diamond Award. We continually strive to improve our homebuyer’s experience in one of the most important purchases of their lives and appreciate Avid in helping us to do so. Our greatest achievement is when our homebuyers refer friends or family to also purchase with us – and if we are getting referrals, then we are doing things right. Getting better everyday is our goal – in both our experience and our product – and it is made possible by what we learn from our Avid surveys. We are grateful for our homebuyers and look forward to serving many more.”  Tiffany Caine, Director of Sales, Parkside Builders

Avid Gold Award 

This award is presented to builders with the highest scores in their region on the New Home Move-In Experience Survey, taken from the first 90 days of homeownership. Every region is eligible for one award each for Production, Custom, and Small Volume builder categories.

Avid Gold Award winners in the five U.S. regions are as follows:

North Central Region

  • Small Volume: AVB
  • Production: Tim O’Brien Homes – Milwaukee

Northeast Region 

  • Production: Paparone New Homes
  • Custom: Mitchell & Best

South Central Region 

  • Production: Rausch Coleman Homes – Houston

Southeast Region

  • Production: Meritage Homes – Nashville
  • Custom: AR Homes® Sarasota (Nelson Homes, Inc.)

West Region

  • Production: Tresidio Homes
  • Custom: Estes Builders LLC
  • Small Volume: Red Cliff Homes

Avid Benchmark Award

This award recognizes any US or Canadian builder scoring among the top 25% of Avid’s nationwide databases on the New Home Move-In Experience survey, taken from the first 90 days of homeownership.

The winners of the Avid Benchmark Award in the United States are as follows:

AR Homes® Jacksonville (Marcus Allen Homes, Inc.)

Bozzuto Homes

Brennan Homes

Brookfield – DC Region

Brookfield – SCA

De Young Properties

Hartford Homes

Hayden Homes – South Idaho

Korndoerfer Homes

McKee Homes – Raleigh

McStain Neighborhoods

Meritage Homes – Atlanta, GA

Meritage Homes – Charlotte

Meritage Homes – Dallas/Fort Worth

Meritage Homes – Denver

Meritage Homes – Greenville, SC

Meritage Homes – Houston

Meritage Homes – N. California

Meritage Homes – Orlando

Meritage Homes – Phoenix

Meritage Homes – Raleigh

Meritage Homes – San Antonio

Mungo Homes – Charleston, SC

Mungo Homes – Columbia & Sumter, SC

Mungo Homes – Greenville, SC

Mungo Homes – Raleigh, NC

Omega Builders

Rausch Coleman Homes – Jonesboro

Rausch Coleman Homes – Little Rock

Rausch Coleman Homes – NWAR

Rausch Coleman Homes – Oklahoma City

Rausch Coleman Homes- San Antonio

Rausch Coleman Homes – Tulsa

Robuck Homes

Skogman Homes – Cedar Rapids

Stanley Martin – Maryland

Stanley Martin – N Virginia

Stanley Martin Custom Homes

Stepping Stone Homes

Van Daele Homes – Utah

Vantage Homes

Veridian Homes

Weaver Homes

Winners will receive access to a press kit that will include the official Avid Award badge that employees may display in their email signature and on their letterhead.