Arbor Homes Improves Customer Experience by Tracking Trends with Avid Ratings

Company Overview:


Headquarters: Indianapolis, IN

Founded: 1994

Number of Employees: 160

Type of Builder: First-time buyers, Step-up buyers

Avid Products Used: GoSurvey, GoSocial

In 2016, Indiana-based builder Arbor Homes was on the hunt for a survey system that could help them mine and analyze customer data, identifying trends over time that would help them make decisions to improve their customer experience. After exploring a few survey providers, they settled on Avid. Says Ben Watkins, Arbor Homes’ VP of Customer Satisfaction, “We chose Avid because their solution provided more in-depth insights than their competitors. We also viewed Avid as the biggest player in the market, and we wanted to go with an industry leader.”

Avid Tools Elevate Customer Experience

Since 2016, the Arbor Homes team has seen enormous benefit from using Avid’s GoSurvey and GoSocial tools. When it comes to GoSurvey, Watkins says, “We now set our own internal KPIs related to specific questions on the survey; for example, a KPI might be set for a question related to home cleanliness and readiness for move-in after closing. GoSurvey helps us measure the quality of the service we provide.”

When asked for his team’s favorite Avid tools feature, Watkins replies, “Trending. This feature allows us to see our improvement over time and compare that to the industry. As a result, we have a better perspective on builders that face the same challenges as us.”

As for GoSocial, Watkins reports, “GoSocial has helped us in reputation management, which is a big component of our customer experience philosophy. Through GoSocial, we’re able to improve our digital footprint by circulating positive feedback.”

Avid Delivers Superior Customer Service

The Arbor Homes team has had a fantastic experience working with Avid Ratings. Following what Arbor deems an “easy” implementation, Avid worked with the Arbor Homes team, reviewing the GoSurvey and GoSocial multiple times until everyone felt comfortable.

Over two years later, Avid continues to offer superior customer service. “Their response time is great and our Customer Success Manager, Angela, always makes herself available for our questions,” says Watkins. Angela also ensures the Arbor Homes team takes full advantage of Avid tool functionality. “She showed us how to drill down to specific sales people and building superintendents. We use this data as a coaching opportunity.”

Overall, the Arbor Homes team couldn’t be more pleased with their decision to partner with Avid. “Avid has helped us focus our attention and efforts toward improving customer experience in ways we weren’t able to do before,” says Watkins in close.

Avid has helped us focus our attention and efforts toward improving customer experience in ways we weren’t able to do before.”  Ben Watkins – VP Customer Satisfaction, Research and Marketing

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