Avid Ratings Helps Drive a Team-Oriented Culture at Crystal Creek Homes

Company Overview:

Website: www.crystalcreekhomes.ca

Headquarters: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Founded: 2004

Number of Employees: 50+

Type of Builder: Production, Custom-Semi Custom

Avid Products Used: AvidCX

Award-winning Canadian builder Crystal Creek Homes recognized that in-depth customer data could be the catalyst to take their business to the next level. However, they struggled with motivating employees to engage with their surveys — to review the data and formulate actionable takeaways. To solve this issue, Crystal Creek Homes turned to Avid for help.

Avid Changes Company Culture for the Better

“Avid has certainly changed company culture,” says Says Justin Bobier, President and CEO of Crystal Creek Homes. “With the Avid system, everyone is engaged and paying attention to what is going on with our customers.”

Bobier continues, “Each team member is now responsible for reviewing and commenting on each and every survey. As a company, we’re now ensuring that each customer is being heard, and we’re doing so in a more team-oriented atmosphere.”

Bobier elaborates on Avid’s success in rallying his team, saying, “When we have a customer success, we all celebrate it. It’s been really nice to see the Edmonton team congratulate the Calgary team, for example, and vice versa.”

What else makes Avid special in the eyes of the Crystal Creek team? The fact that it’s more than just a survey company. “Avid becomes an extension of your marketing efforts… its tools give potential buyers a sense of the Crystal Creek experience. Because we’ve been successful in creating happy customers, we’re able to assure and comfort future buyers.”

The Crystal Creek team also speaks highly of Avid’s commitment to customer service. “Avid is always there for us when we have questions or want to explore options and features we’re not currently using. Avid takes the time to come to your office and work directly with your team. They’re proactive in reaching out to check in and ask if we’d like to meet to review data or receive suggestions and direction,” says Bobier.

More Than Just a Survey Company

Would Crystal Creek recommend Avid to other builders? Absolutely. “If a builder is not surveying their customers using an outside partner like Avid, they’re doing their customers a disservice,” says Bobier. “There is always more that can be done when trying to deliver a great customer experience. But in order to determine what that ‘more’ is — you need to use a third-party research company like Avid.”

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